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  1. Ok, i think i might have put it in the wrong place. I am launching ksp now and seeing what happens Woah! Those planets are awesome!!!!! Is there a mod for better timewarp to get to them in tolerable times?
  2. Alright, I downloaded everything. The planets are not showing up. I put everything in gamedata like any other mod
  3. It says I also need module manager. Is that necessary? It seems it is bundled with kopernicus
  4. I am still on KSP 1.3.0, which version of this mod and its dependencies do I need to download?
  5. This was intentional. As long as your kerbal reaches the ground alive, the rest of your ship can explode. The kerbal cannot die from hitting the ground. You will get some cred for having your entire craft intact, but this is a speed challenge so its alright as long as the kerbal lives.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a challenge for you all. It will be pretty specific. Your goal in this challenge is to get as fast as possible around sea level, (not over 2000 meters) using stock parts only. Rules 1. Have a screenshot of your speed below 2000 meters 2. No rocket engines, jet engines only 3. No modded parts 4. No physics mods that will make it easier to go faster 5. Your kerbals must be alive when they reach the ground. 6. No exploiting glitches That's it! Good luck to you all and happy building. For reference on my first try, I reached 1672 m/
  7. Speeding mullet, may I use ksp beta/0.90? I dont want to lose all my progress in my game and idk if my cpu can handle 1.2. Also my current shuttle always blows up at 10,000 meters. Do you know if all the tiny wings im using could be the problem? Also, i don't have RS-25 engines at my disposal and have to use mainsails that are tilted to the right angle. Could any of these be the problem? I have conducted 5 tests that all ended with the same result. Thx in advance -Ribby Kerman
  8. I may try this but seeing as all my previous shuttles have failed miserably because of wings exploding it will be a challenge (I'm still in 0.90 because I'm not sure my CPU can handle 1.2 and I don't want to lose my progress). I might try the rescue one because I already have 1 broken shuttle in a lopsided orbit. Is it allowed to be in 0.90? Also can i save all my rockets and space stations and put them into a new version or do I have to start from scratch? Thanks a lot. Expect to see some of my shuttles soon. -Ribby Kerman
  9. K, I will post a screenshot
  10. I just realised that my fuel module is very unstable because of the docking ports. Can I improve this?
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