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  1. Praise the Kraken! Models looking gorgeous as usual.
  2. Careful, lest @RoverDude rolls back the mod to match the thread title! :-)
  3. I might be missing something, but where is the download link? I can't find it either in this thread, the Rocket factory thread nor on CurseForge. I'd love to try out that Sigma pod, the hab module and various other bits, as now that the Taurus HCV is no longer being supported my planned Mars mission is short one capsule.
  4. Are you planning to do the other Constellation missions with the Ares rockets? I was thinking of having a go at it and, hey, why reinvent the wheel when you've built these fine replicas? Wouldn't want to steal your thunder though if you're planning on the asteroid capture or Mars missions.
  5. Or quicksave on the launchpad, use HyperEdit to move your craft to the body/orbit of your choice, test, then revert and recover once you have your test results. It's a bit iffy testing nukes on Kerbin anyway.
  6. Sweet! I like the Mk3 radial scramjet, and thought I'd have to recreate it using M3X Saddle tanks and intakes and the Instell Incorporated scramjets at a much higher part count.
  7. Not in stock, no. In UKS, for instance, some modules need to contain a Kerbal of the appropriate specialization to operate, and other give a hefty bonus for doing so. Don't get me wrong, your mod looks to be really awesome, but if it requires giving up most other mods to be playable it won't get very popular. Question: If I were to replicate the Apollo landing and have a shielded command module (3 seats, 3 kerbals) docked to an unshielded empty lander (2 seats, no kerbals), I would only have the benefit of 3/5 of the shielding the kerbals would have once the lander was ditched, no?
  8. How much does 1 Shielding currently weigh? If it is heavy like you say, that might be prohibitive for such things as MKS/OKS bases, large interplanetary vessels and other application where a storm cellar approach might be workable.
  9. So adding parts that carry kerbals but do not have any shielding capacity wouldn't affect the overall shielding of the vessel? That would actually approximate the "storm cellar" approach while removing the need to manually moving kerbals around. Perhaps when going through parts to add up the shielding there could be code to check that the shielded parts actually have room for the crew, to avoid a 1-man pod with max shielding protecting a large crew. That approach might save a lot of work for using non-stock kerbal-carrying pods, as you wouldn't need specific support for this mod. Perhaps you're thinking more of the Apollo program and I'm thinking more of the Constellation program or the Hermes from "The Martian".
  10. There might need to be a way to repair malfunctioning items without going EVA, like detaching a drone or using a robotic arm etc. Otherwise you'd probably need to sacrifice a Kerbal to be able to repair a malfunctioning nuclear engine. How does your mod interact with kerbals in parts that do not have the shielding resource? Does it kill them outright? Would it be possible to create a "storm cellar" mechanic where all parts (including those from other mods) are assumed to have a base level of radiation shielding, but if there is a solar event or you pass through a hard radiation belt you'd need to transfer your crew to a part with the shielding resource ASAP.
  11. This looks awesome. My main problem, like many others, is that I'm using a bunch of mods that have some of this functionality already (USI suite, Remotetech, Kappa-ray, ...) I'd like to keep using parts of those while integrating with your mod. Have you considered adding radiation effects from nuclear engines, RTG's etc., perhaps in conjunction with malfunctions to those parts? Shadow shields might be a good additional part if nuclear engine radiation is added, as well as perhaps counting fuel and water mass that is between the kerbal and the radiation source.
  12. You realize that the Copernicus was meant to launch in pieces on three separate boosters, in 10m diameter by 30m length fairings, right? And accompanied by two unmanned cargo vehicles sent a few years ahead carrying the hab/lander and MAV/ISRU modules? The mission would require 7 separate heavy cargo booster launches not including the final crew-transferring launch.
  13. Any plans for an inverting Mk2-Mk2 bicoupler at some point? Non-inverted Mk2 to two inverted Mk2. Perhaps even with (non-inverted) lateral Mk2 attachments like the X-hub?
  14. Will the Mk3 expansion pack be added to CKAN at some point, like the Mk2 pack?
  15. Will tell you all you need to know. Basically it's the Orion drive, but with a liquid, continously detonating bomb.