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  1. So far, no. It might be added eventually, but for now you can try this:
  2. I've got the same problem with the ATGMs firing backwards. In fact, sometimes they can ONLY be fired backwards. I haven't really tested it, but (just an assumption) it might have something to do with mirroring, because I remember that some of them fire forwards and some fire backwards.
  3. Just thought I'd point this out: /not/pol/ was the one you were talking to originally. Now you're talking to Next Star Industries...
  4. You might want to update the release notes on the first page. I've seen a lot of people who are unaware of updates, because they only check the first post.
  5. I have a fighter/attacker. It was really stable and performed well when I tested it in FAR, even though I built it a while ago in stock. It has 4 internal mounts, for ATGMs or bombs, and 4 external mounts, for air-to-air missiles. It also has 2 Vulcans, 2 ECM jammers, and plenty of chaff and flares. It already comes with 4 JDAMs and 4 AMRAAMs, because it's made for another thing.
  6. The dev version of FAR is on page 541. 8th post down, I think. All you have to do is open the zip that it downloads, and then go into the gamedata folder and copy FAR into your gamedata folder.
  7. Maybe you're right. I just find it more rewarding to build a really good-looking plane that flies decently. I've never really been into optimizing things for combat (in fact, I never really thought about energy fighting), and I know that many other people aren't as well (as you can see in TAPE's fighter showdown). Maybe I'll give this guide a try. (PS, sorry for being so snarky in that first post. I was just tired and the comment about the crappy planes irritated me a little more than it should have.) Edit: I'm using your E2-F2 to test against, and I noticed that it's quite vulnerable when attacked from above (my jet's minimum and default altitudes are 1000m and 2500m, respectively). You may want to consider raising the default altitude and adding chaff. Also, its gun is set to engage ground only.
  8. Yes, it is a tactic used in real life, but people submit their planes to things like TAPE's fighter jet showdown to be show off their designs and to have fun. In that kind of a "competition," ultra-competitive jets WOULD curbstomp most other jets, and it would be no fun for the people watching, or for the people getting their jets stomped on.
  9. I think many people prefer making their fighters look cool and somewhat realistic, rather making little solid-lifting bodies that use cheap tactics to suppress and then destroy aircraft.
  10. Hey, it's not a perfect fix but you can put your turrets on decouplers and secure them some way. You'd have to attach a radar data receiver (unless the turret has it's own radar), a weapon manager, a probe core, and a power source for each turret, but they do engage seperate targets. To prevent friendly fire, just tweak the firing arc to fit to wherever you're putting them. The only downside of this is that they will only fire at the closest target. If you have several turrets performing the same function, they'll all shoot at the closest target. Here's an example video:
  11. Nope, it's part of the most recent update to BDArmory. You probably don't have the latest version. They added the armor and they added the ability to specify what a weapon can be used against. Also, you can change the engagement range of each and every weapon with a slider.
  12. Huge edit on my post in the ship submissions thread coming soon. I'm marking both the Rhino and the Firefly as outdated (should I do this, or delete them entirely?). I'm also adding some more craft: the MIML-45 Patriot, the M5A1 Sabre, the SPG-57 Bishop, and the F-56 Sentinel. The Sabre and the Bishop both use the awesome new armor, which is great because it reduces part count by a whole lot. Sadly, I still haven't been successful at making any spacecraft. I want to build smaller fighters/bombers, but I can't even get them to look decent, so I'll stick with atmospheric craft for now. If anyone has any tips on making spacecraft look good, I would love to hear them. Edit: Just changed my thread:
  13. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I'm gonna try that now. Edit: The claw is just way too big for it. I guess I will end up making it a single craft.
  14. Ok, I added a battery to it without the missiles loaded and it worked. However, when I added the missiles I still had the problem. I guess I'll just have to make the truck one whole part.
  15. I know the missiles themselves can fire. The problem is that I can't fire them because the probe core on the launcher just doesn't work after I decouple it ("it" being the part with the missile tubes that I can raise up and down). Also, I've just tested again, and it seems that the probe doesn't work whether the missiles are attached or not. I'm gonna do some more testing.