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  1. I'm sorry I misunderstood your problem, but in no way does that call for such a response. I understand now, but at the time I didn't. Although, I WAS just trying to help. For future reference, don't use CKAN. It can really mess things up, and BDA is in no way meant to work with it:
  2. If you want to fire missiles with your mouse, bind Arm/Disarm to a key and then you can arm weapons in-flight and fire everything with the mouse.
  3. I noticed in the video that the AIM-9 was fired right as the lock changed from the enemy craft to the recently launched AIM-120. It's nothing about the missile launch. It's just that the AIM-9 locked onto a heat source (the AMRAAM's engine) that wasn't great enough for it to stay locked, so then it lost its lock and exploded. Although, some of those missiles did come dangerously close to hitting your aircraft. It's generally a bad idea to have missiles on the top of your plane, because gravity will make them come right back down. If you really want to have them, though, it's better to launch them forward as fast as possible with 0 drop time.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was changes to the guidance. I mean, the mod is completely different now than it was when that missile worked.
  5. Would passive radar homing missiles be possible? Or maybe even multi-mode missiles, with both active and passive homing modes, where active homing is only used in the terminal stage or if there's nothing for the passive seeker to lock on to?
  6. I noticed that the .50 cal guns actually do seem to do a good amount of damage if they're in salvo mode (if that's the mode where all guns fire at once). It's probably due to the fact that the bullets all hit at about the same time, which means each succession of shots is going to hit a specific area, instead of the plane shooting guns one after another and the enemy possibly maneuvering and causing those bullets to hit different parts of the plane.
  7. Yeah, I'd say it's for lag control. On my PC, KSP turns into a slideshow when the fire happens. And I don't have a low-end PC.
  8. Ahh ok, thanks. I just assumed it would at least be a little more stealthy. I guess I'll give this YCSM in DCK a try. Thanks again!
  9. Somebody, teach me the ways of the stealth! I wish to make ninja jets. I tried to make a YF-23 replica, but it had no less of a cross section than all my other aircraft. I don't remember the cross section, but it was able to be locked at about 13km when I gave up on it. I hadn't even started on the tail.
  10. I like to build with procedural wings, and then try to match that using stock wing parts. It can be tricky and it can raise your part count, but it's the only alternative (that I can think of) to putting armor on your wings.
  11. It's nice to see I'm not the only one that has experienced this! As for your issue, you may want to create an issue on GitHub, if you haven't already. That way, you can be sure that pretty much everyone involved with BDA will know about it.
  12. Yeah, I've done it without anything else. I just tested it watching from the target on the ground, and nada. Same problem. I stand by my assumption that it's something wrong with the AI pilot or guard mode.