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  1. To orbit autopilot doesn't work; it just activates all stages and crashes on the launch pad. The deorbit/land doesn't work either; it deorbits but it just doesn't land.
  2. Plant a flag on the Mun/Minmus. (I typically have to go there anyway to collect science, and sometimes these pop up when I already have a Kerbal there.) Conduct temperature surveys in orbit around the Mun/Minmus. (I typically have a satellite in polar orbit of those bodies awaiting these cash grabs.) Rescue Kerbals from orbit (Essentially free cash and Kerbals, especially when done with a spaceplane.) Get science from/explore celestial body (Generally easy and cheap to do with a small probe.)
  3. When you have a printed Delta-V map next to your desktop. When you have completely memorized the Delta-V map. When you wonder why NASA doesn't use HyperEdit.
  4. Nice, though after a few tests I can probably be sure to say that they work a little bit worse than the stock parts, at least the SP+. Still a very nice mod that I'll definitely keep though.
  5. Since the game doesn't model Kessler Syndrome(and it being rather unfeasible to do so), the game can still punish you for leaving debris in orbit by denting your reputation.
  6. Here's something I've always pondered on for a bit. Using gravity assists to get captured on Jool is pretty straightforward as using Tylo and/or Laythe will get you captured around Jool. On Kerbin and Duna, however, it's not so clear. You might get a decrease in velocity if you get behind Ike or the Mun, but it's never quite enough for a capture. I've always wondered if it is better to use the moons for an assist and use a retrograde burn or if doing that just loses the Oberth effect of the larger body the moon is orbiting and ends up costing more d/V.
  7. Still don't know what the difference between the antennas is, what their ranges are, or when to use which.
  8. Ever since 1.2 I've heen having trouble reentering the atmosphere and maintain control of my craft. It keeps tumbling in every direction imaginable.
  9. Nevermind, turns out I didn't update module manager. Thanks for being there to help out though.
  10. This doesn't seem to work properly with TAC life support in 1.2. I don't see the life support parts in the VAB.
  11. Still better than those contracts that asks you to go retrogade around the sun.
  12. It is sad how the 1.2 pre-release made it clear how much I depend on KER. I can't touch 1.2 without it.
  13. Out of habit I always open the 32bit game on my desktop which usually results in a crash a few minutes after. I fiddled around and found the only way to make a 64 bit shortcut is to make a shortcut to the KSP_x64.exe. Problem is that this doesn't play the game through Steam, which is preferable.
  14. I never clip stiff into fuel tanks, but structural component are fair game. No idea why I dislike clipping though, because I don't see it as cheating because the same drag and mass values apply regardless of whether it is clipped into something or not.