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  1. Does anyone else have a problem with fairings? The 7.5m fairing (I think that's it's diameter, it's the larger one) has gaps in the fairing, which I thought was just a visual bug, but it's not letting me close the fairing either. Link: https://i.imgur.com/xtjQttr.jpg The 5m fairing seems to be working fine. I have quite a few different mods installed, which may be the source, so I'll test it against an un-modded install later this evening when I get the time to. Also, I tried searching through the forum and didn't find anything, although it was a brief search so if this issue is already known I apologize! Edit: It seems that it must be from a different mod, as when looking in the tech tree I see that I have not unlocked the 7.5m fairing from this mod yet. Might even be stock, it has the same texture change qualities. I'm not sure, but I'm just going to avoid it haha
  2. I couldn't get either to work when I was attempting to dock them to my space stations. I do have an extensive mod list installed however, which could be the culprit possibly, but I doubt that it's the same as everyones XD
  3. Yea, I used the 3200 m/s as a baseline, however because the atmosphere doesn't scale the same as the planets, multiplying 3200 * sqrt(3.2) (or whatever rescale factor you're using) gives a higher than needed value, which I used to define my launch vehicles. Because of that, I have been designing my ships with the requirement of 6,082 m/s to reach orbit in x3.2 when it is actually lower and therefore I have extra fuel left over.
  4. Well that explains why I keep ending up with extra fuel even though the launchers are only designed to get the designated payload into orbit only just haha. Oh well, at least it'll help when designing atmospheric landers, as a little extra delta-v never hurt
  5. To figure out the delta-v, multiply it by the squareroot of whatever rescale you are using. So for example, in stock KSP it takes ~3400 m/s of delta v to reach orbit. To figure it out in 3.2x rescale, multiply 3400 * sqrt(3.2), which is equal to roughly 6,082 m/s give or take. I made an excel sheet for myself that I got all the values from a delta-v map, which should be fairly easy for anyone to set up as well. I'll upload it later today if you remind me as well.
  6. I'm finishing up a career station right now, I can get you the pictures of it in orbit. It does have some parts from other mods, but those are mostly hidden by the solar arrays, if that is OK with you.
  7. This mod is a life saver for a re scaled play-through! My rockets were getting to big and un-weildy, this brought them back down a tad notch. Thank you for this!
  8. Ok, Thanks! I just uninstalled the Kronometer mod, and everything is back in sync now. Thanks for the response!
  9. So, for me, Duna program is not showing up in the Admin building. I have outer planets mod installed, and those are showing up, but the Duna program isn't. I looked in the files, and it is mentioned in the beggining where it defines the icons, but it is missing from the rewards part of the file. Does anyone else have this issue? I am using 1.6.0 from CKAN, but even when I downloaded the file from Git-Hub it didn't show up, so it seems it is missing for some reason? Edit: I have sigma binary and Duna Ike Binary installed, which seems to change the name in the map. I'll investigate this further. Edit 2: That seems to be what it was. I'll leave all this here for anyone else that comes across this issue!
  10. So, I haven't been able to find anything on this, so if it has been posted before I apologize. I am using a re scale of the solar system to 3.2x what it originally was, and that means that there are now 9 hour days instead of 6. TAC LS however is still showing data for 6 hour days, which lead me to believe that I had enough supplies for a 45 day mission to minmus, when in fact my kerbals ran out on actual day 33 (or something like that I don't remember exactly what the numbers where but they died on the return back when TAC LS window said they had enough supplies). Does anyone know how to change that setting? I have Kronometer installed as it was recommended, and I'll check to see if that is the culprit when I can, I was just asking here to see if anyone else knows, and to let others know about this as well. Thanks!
  11. Pretty sure that is the version still under development by Nertea, so I would be wary introducing configs and such atm since stuff is probably going to change pretty frequently, although I’m not sure how far along development is so don’t quote me haha.
  12. These parts are beautiful! Can't wait for these to come out!
  13. This sounds awesome! And thanks for having it as a new-ish mod so that our massive stations won't break, although probably end up restarting anyways haha.
  14. You don't have to delete anything, just use the updated versions of the bundled mods. I think firespitter is the only one not bundled with any of nerteas other mods.
  15. I've found it and corrected it on my game, I'll upload the fixed file here if anyone is interested in it.