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  1. I'm working on a spaceplane that should be able to do it. I should only have to get rid of some fuel to make it take off quickly.
  2. spacemandude10

    Let's share our wacky orbits

    Robbaz did something similar in his video: But still cool.
  3. spacemandude10

    Recover Multiple things at once

    Oh, sorry. Actually, the thing I crashed was also a (untested in the water) boat, but i crashed it into a large two seater rover (made to be transported by plane) (no, the boat was not nearly big enough to carry the rover, and anyways there was no cargo space at all in it) because i was messing around lol. the boat used a wheesley (so that it could move in reverse), seated 8 kerbals, and was strutted to hell,but fell to so many different parts i didnt bother counting. (the 2 kerbals i had put in some of the seats [i thought putting all 8 in would be too time consuming] survived. The rover stayed in mostly one piece but had only a few struts to keep the structural plates from flopping around.How does that work?(rhetorical)
  4. I would like to be able to select multiple things in the Tracking Station(such as the huge amount of debris from the failed craft right next to KSC) and recover them all at once to save a lot of time. Could you add something along those lines in the next update? I would love to see that.
  5. spacemandude10

    Seaplane to Orbit 1.0.5

    Ok, thanks!
  6. spacemandude10

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I'm working on an ssto which I've based roughly on something I made with Lego, and it shows promise (just over 300 m/s at a 40-ish degree angle). All it really needs now is more lift and rcs thrusters, but I'll have a hard time with that. I will possibly be using it for the Seaplane to Orbit challenge,if I can make it or a variant of it a seaplane. I've given it the name "The Flaming Comet".
  7. spacemandude10

    mini Mk2 plane parts

    and using tweakscale kinda takes the fun out of it
  8. spacemandude10

    Seaplane to Orbit 1.0.5

    I have a question though. Is refueling: Not allowed at all by any means Limited to mining ore from a body (Mun, Minmus, an asteroid, etc.) and converting it to fuel Limited to docking with another craft and transferring fuel (I know, probably not, but just in case) Other means please let me know
  9. spacemandude10

    Seaplane to Orbit 1.0.5

    After my SSTO is finished, I should be able to make a seaplane variant, if the normal variant doesn't end up a seaplane itself. By the way, the name I've given it is "The Flaming Comet"TM. Based off something I made from Lego when I was 11 I think. And it shows lots of promise too, surprisingly. I might be able to go for ultimate wet watered.
  10. spacemandude10

    mini Mk2 plane parts

    no, stock game... ...cause, I dunno... SCIENCE
  11. spacemandude10

    mini Mk2 plane parts

    Earlier today I had an idea concerning Mk2 parts while thinking of a mini seaplane (external seat, Mk0 main fuselage) and somehow that turned into smaller Mk2 parts. I was thinking Mk0 with 3 wing connector d's angled into each other on each side and offset slightly into Mk0 fuselage. They could possibly fit into normal Mk2 cargo bays, but I cannot try it now. Tell me what you think about it.