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  1. I'd just like to say Thanks for all your hard work. My RP-1 install has never looked better. People like you are the lifeblood of this game <3
  2. I've been playing KSP for maybe three years, two of them with Realism Overhaul/Real Solar System. I have absolutely no idea how I could build and fly so many planes without this mod. You, my man, are a true magician, just like all the other modders. Kudos
  3. so I described the issue in the Kerbal Konstructs-thread and asked for help. (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/151818-12x-13-kerbal-konstructs-110-10062017/&page=21 the Space Shuttle runway's option 'make LaunchSite' is indeed grayed out, and I was told to come back here to ask for help. I love your launch-pads, but my main reason to get the mod was to have a working, long runway that's not as bugged as the KSC runway. @Tristonwilson12 can I ask you kindly for assistance?
  4. yeah, 'make LaunchSite' is grayed out I will try and contact the guy(s) behind Real KSC again. thanks for your help!
  5. Hm, just to make sure I did not mess up the description of the issue: - the 'stock' KSC runway is unaffected - the 'stock' KSC launch pad is unaffected - there are several custom launch pads, such as LC-41, LC-39 and more - when I'm in flight, I can see the Space Shuttle runway, I can land on it, it is behaving just fine - the Space Shuttle runway has an instance (if I understand the terminology in here correctly) that I can call up in-flight - in the VAB/SPH KK menu, it does not appear, though All the custom launch pads are fine, which are just a couple of hundreds of meters away. The Space Shuttle Runway looks and behaves fine, it's just that it doesn't appear as a Runway (or anything else) in the KK menu. Thanks both of you for your feedback This is obviously not game-breaking, but it would be nice to have a long and working runway that's not a death trap. At this moment, I would even go so far as pay for a 'flat runway' DLC for KSP 1.2.2
  6. hey folks. I love the mod, have gotten to know it through 'Real KSC'. It came with several launch pads (which look terrific!) and the Space Shuttle landing runway - and here is the problem. I am for the life of me unable to use it. Yes, I can land on it, but I cannot launch planes from it. I landed a plane on it, applied brakes, then opened the KK menu, but I could not find any option to activate it. In the KK menu in the SPH/VAB, it is not even listed, and the default runway is listed as a launch-pad, which seems weird. Is this the right place to ask for help about this? Thank you all very much in advance. /edit: I play with Realism Overhaul, Real Solar System and Realistic Progression Zero, if that helps.
  7. By now I think we should probably check with the KerbalKonstructs folks, as this mod builds on it. Am downloading the newest KK version now, will see and report back whether that changes anything.
  8. that was exactly the issue - I had the magicore.dll in the gamedata folder. fixed. thank you very much for your quick help
  9. my bad. I'll try to replace the MagiCore.dll, and if that doesn't help, I will post the log
  10. Hey, I just tried it, and now I have the following issue: after I choose a preset and try to spend points on upgrades, the KCT window glitches, and the entire KSP interface becomes inaccessible (except for the Exit-button). http://i.imgur.com/6GeOX6n.jpg I had completely removed the previous KCT folder, and also removed the current career, and started a new one. the issue is persistent.
  11. hi. I am using Real KSC with RO/RSS, and I love this mods to bits. The launch-pads are working fine. I do not however have the option to pick the Space Shuttle landing runway, or any other runway. I got a little bit confused by the special RSS instructions (new savegame with only KK, etc.) - which I didn't do. Is that the reason why? Thanks for any help!
  12. yeah, RSSVE gets it down from 50-60fps to 5fps.
  13. awesome, thank you. maybe you could link it in its own KSP subreddit post? I think it's something many, many people get wrong.
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