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  1. it is! i just made a clean install and it happens in stock as well. I may try persistent Rotation once its updated to 1.3. I just researched movile solar panels, so I guess this is not an issue anymore I will download theese now :D.
  2. I think I found a bug. I made a simple probe with just one solar panel. Once in orbit, I oriented the probe to the sun, facing it directly. I got 100% efficiency with it and left it there. I got back to the KSC and warped a few hours, then I noticed that my spacecraft was loosing EC (while on the sun). Got back to it and it was pointing at a different position, and now the solar panel was behind by the probe itself, recibing 0% sunlight. SAS and RCS were dissabled. I reproduced it with different probes with the same design, and turns out the spacecraft turns itself at 1 degree/minute, so after 3 hours it points 180º in the opposite direction, always. This is not a problem with big solar panels since they always point at the sun, but in my career save I dont have access to them yet. Was this like this from the beggining? is it a kerbalism bug or its like this in stock aswell?
  3. hm, weird. I was pointing at the blue marked, wich I always trough was absolute. Thank you, I trough it was that. After I noticed I manualy dissabled all the RCS's in all my probes just in case
  4. hi!, I just installed Kerbal Alarm clock because I started playing with Construction Time and it was getting difficult to keep track of everything :p. I noticed something trough. Usually I make a maneouver node, point the spacecraft to it, make an alarm and then leave to do more things. But when I get the alarm and get back to the ship, the ship is not pointing at the maneuver node, but somewhere else. Has anyone expierenced something like this? I dont have Constant rotation installed. Also, something weird happened with my first lunar probe. I put it in a wrong parking orbit around kerbin so I had to wait 2 days for the moon to move to the correct place to make the transfer. I made the node, pointed the spacecraft and left it there. When I got back, the spacecraft not only was pointing at the wrong direction, it had run out of monopropelent and now I couldnt move it anymore. Was that because I left SAS enabled? I dont seem to recall ever experiencing something like this before.
  5. If you want to relay A trough B, you need to have the lowgain on B activated and on relay mode
  6. You need a lowgain antena to comunicate between vessels. The high gain antenas are used to comunicate just with the KSC, so, as far as I know, you need vessel A to have a low gain antena, vessel B to have a low gain antena with and have the relay option activates, and a high gain antena that automaticaly points at the KSC.
  7. Finally free from my finals! :D, since most of my mods since January dont work anymore, i need to ask : I want to play UBM challenge in my new career mode, does it work with 1.3 ?
  8. So im not sure if this is from Kerbalism or SETI UBM, but I dont know what this "Resource analysis" option does, it has 2 options: ignore, or simulate. Any ideas on what it does?
  9. So im not sure if this is from Kerbalism or SETI UBM (or even stock xd), but I dont know what this "Resource analysis" option does. Any idea?
  10. Squad really should add some of the stuff from kerbalism :p. Now, I was thinking about how probes are build for specific pruporses and missions and it occured to me: why not add a way to customise the science instruments for specific uses (like for instance, have the magnetometer be more sensible in certain ranges more suitable for Jool than Kerbol, for instance). I trought of this when reading about Juno, and how their science instruments would not be capable of gathering the same science they were specting because its in an orbit it wasnt designed to be. If your probe is not within the parameters of the instrument, then you bet less science than you should otherwise.
  11. Im REALLY enjoying this version of kerbalism :), Had to make an emergency landing because one scrubber died and the kerbal was going to die in hours :p. Few things I have notice while playing with UBM and SETI challenge mods: mk1 pod has reaction wheels MTBF, but it doesnt have reaction wheels (AFAIk, SETI challenge removes reaction wheels until later on the tech tree). Each time I EVA, the spacecraft seems to star spining. Is this because the capsule is depressurised and the exiting air acts like a small RCS push?.
  12. Hi! I have a question: im playing currently with SETI UBM challenge, wich means reaction wheels not before 90 science. However, searching in the tech tree, I dont seem to find reaction wheels anywere. Im currently in 45 science. My question is: would reaction wheels become avalible to all the probes/capsules that are already unlocked?
  13. There is this Hybrid booster in the SETI rebalance pack, that has the normal SRB plume, not the RealPlume one. How can copy the plumes from the RealPlumes SRB to the Hybrid booster?
  14. yep, using numpad keys (0,1,2,3) seem to show magnetosphere and radiation belts, but I distincly remember having a little windows showing me the Planet's info, activable by Alt+N. That windows doesnt seem to work anymore.