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  1. Hi, I recently installed this mod through Ckan because I thought it sounded pretty interesting, but I have had some difficulty with the learning curve behind it and I have found that it is somewhat difficult to know how to plan the missions. Would it be possible to get an interface in game that would allow you to adjust some of the features in the game like general severity of radiation damage or habitation factors, etc? I am also confused as to what changes I need to make to prevent conflicts with remote tech and USI-LS, would it be possible to have clearer instructions?
  2. Yes, this needed to be an option. Hence why I'm still in 1.3.1.  So am I weird for not assuming that "Don't upgrade" doesn't mean "don't ever upgrade, ever" but instead means "don't upgrade your career save"? The other 2 were talking about saves, so I just assumed. I will upgrade from 1.3.1, just as soon as all my mods will line up with my install and/or I have sufficiently colonized the entire solar system. That or a good version of RO comes out, I could see myself running paralell installs.
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. In case anyone is wondering I ended up taking a better job that I was offered, so I can continue to use my desktop. I hadn't even thought of the issues with using open source drivers vs using proprietary ones.
  4. Yea, I have the KSP store release as well, so WIFI shouldn't be needed for KSP, but I will need it anyway for my school/work stuff. I haven't had this problem with it in the past, but I suspect it would be easy to test by making a bootable USB to check it with before I buy. I think you guys bring up some interesting points with other linux based OSes, Ubuntu is probably more bulky than others and I have heard from friends that Lubuntu is really geared toward maxing performance from older systems and has some of the lowest ram requirements. All I really need out of it otherwise is word processor, adobe reader and other internet/office applications so I should try that. It might even be worth just putting the OS and KSP install on the stick so that I can just boot into it on any machine, but I wonder if that would slow loading. Does anyone know about that? I am still on 1.3.1 on my PC, but I haven't looked at updating in a while, last time I looked at it was on 1.4 and a lot of mods were not updated yet. It is good to know that I should be able to just move the game data folder. I could swear though that some of the mods that I installed might have added files in other directories than the game data folder. I am not sure though... either way, sounds no more serious than trying to do a fresh install. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hey, I was looking at moving to a camp type job and I mostly play this game one my PC. I wanted to look at getting a 2nd hand laptop while I am there and slimming it to a ubuntu OS so that I can use it for school work and to potentially play KSP on as well. I had a few questions about this. I am running a current install with a lot of mods on it and I am not sure how to try to port it over. I can always try CKAN or something, but I was wondering if anyone knew if there are any quick ways or limitations I should know about on ubuntu. I think I have about 70 installed but I also don't think all of them work and I could probably go through the process of weeding a lot of broken/unnecessary ones out. Will this lead to significantly better performance than running it on windows? From what I understand w10 is terrible for using a lot of RAM while ubuntu is not, so I should get proportionally better performance on that. Also, what should I spec my laptop to? I usually only use laptops for school and work type stuff so other than potentially only this 6 week stint, I might not use it very much for this or anything similar soon. Does anyone have a recommended lower end but good performance for specs that I might need?
  6. This is brilliant, thanks. Is that true about the penalty? How much is it?
  7. So, I was up late last night drinking my way through a problem, how to best mine science data from Kerbin. I want to transverse the biomes and gather/analyze all the science and crunch it all for good and I would like to do it quickly and efficiently. My first attempts at making a nuclear fan based plane like the banshee from starcraft failed, I am terrible at planes anyway so I don't know why I tried. Have other people done this? What is a good way? I could easily make a rover, but I am worried it would be time consuming to pilot. I am not running stock as well so mod suggestions are welcome.
  8. My payloads do not have any engines at least within the orbit of kerbin. I do not have any exterior bases that have production on them other than science and have not put any skycranes in them yet. This is possible, but I often can use mecjeb to preform these maneuvers while I do other stuff so it isn't a huge burden. Also I made a habit of trying to buy all the items in the tech tree as I go through leaving me really short on funds. This is made worse because I have a lot of mods including some that have very expensive nuclear reactors that I have decided to buy because if it isn't developed bought from the tech tree it no longer shows up in the build menu. That said, I might change it up, my heavy tug is insanely hard to drive since a patch made the nuclear engines continue to operate after being deactivated and I have a lot of the money thing figured out at this point since I recently started enriching uranium on minimus and sending it back for profit. This has rendered all non-rescue missions basically moot for me and made my new goal off-world colonization and science. Which means I should look at upgrading to a more recent version than 1.3.1 before I start going crazy on bases that will likely be permanent. I am also somewhat attached to my tugs and become really upset when I get them in accidents that I cannot reload them from. Every time I build a new one I am modifying it to meet a new spec that I failed to account for or try a new design/load capacity or whatever. I am definitely into the building part of the game, I will rarely build the same thing twice and love all the research and planning I put into my crafts/bases. I think that my like of my tugs might make sure that I am incorporating them into my planning as well as the fact that going forward I am looking at building real colonies instead of just one off missions. That said, I still don't know how I will colonize Eve and Duna and the inability to recover the components as on kerbin there will definitely factor in. If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them. Oh and I am using USI mods for resources if that makes a difference.
  9. I haven't used drop-tanks or asparagus for a while now. The reason is that I have switched to a single recoverable booster and this brings costs down by recovering the craft. I also don't have to build large rockets because I use skycranes for everything, my rockets only need to be launched to orbit then the skycrane can pick it up. Sometimes this does mean switching between cranes to land on the mun for example, or waiting for my one giant skycrane to finish a cycle to start another one, but it is way more cost effective. I am surprised that I don't see more people in career mode doing this.
  10. I always just eyeballed it and matched the orbital period using KER. As long as I have everything calculated correctly it always works.
  11. I actually just upgraded to 1.3.1 for my heavily modded save. I was trying to see what there was to upgrade to because I saw a new feature or something in a video (can't even remember what it was) and thought it was time to upgrade before I was about to launch an off-world colonization effort to Duna. After loads of work I was finally able to get the right versions of everything to get everything on 1.3.1 with only a few ship losses that I was able to just F12 back. I did have to do a bit of cutting in the save file to get things right and had to entirely rebuild my orbital minimums manufacturing base then save file edit the crew into the new one. It would have been much easier if I could have just made minor adjustments, but I think I accidentally saved one of the new mods into the 1.2.2 folder and it wouldn't start without crashing. I might look at 1.4.x when a stable release comes out, maybe same with MH, but I am already worried that some planet mods won't work in 1.3.1 and that is enough to scare me off. I wanted to have the outer planets mods and the binary planet mod for the pluto analog when I get further out.
  12. That would take quite some time to test, I was hoping there was an application that might track what mods were in a save files and/or craft files, but if not then it isn't the end of the world I am not sure how much time there is to save on boot from a slimmer install. Right now I am having some issues getting parts from 3 mods compatible with 1.3.1: Gingercorp stock-alike station hubs (out of date) Jet's Chop Shop Near future spacecraft I am wondering if it is possible to swap parts in the save file or something. I know for example that I have a large orbital base that uses an outdated stockalike hub that will be difficult to fix without switching out 1 or 2, 6 sided 2.5m hubs in it. I am pretty sure there are other hubs that are an identical size.
  13. Yes, I have several backups, I have just spent about 3 hours trying to align my 1.3.1 release that I have setup with a compatible version using gethub releases of old versions. Maybe the question seems stupid, but I have add-ons 72 installed add-ons according to the add-on version checker, or 95 installed mods according to Ckan. So trying to go to another version is something that can be problematic. I would also be interested in advice on how to slim this sort of thing down, I often just load the Ckan save from the previous version then just resolve any conflicts/missing parts. I suspect that unused mods may lead to longer load times for myself, but can't really tell what mods I am using or not using.
  14. I am currently running version 1.2.2 and haven't updated in a while to keep my mods operating in a compatible manner. From what I understand I have a lot of mods, but I am also not sure how many of them I am using. But I am having some compatibility problems and am looking at upgrading to a more current version potentially looking at getting the DLC. The big issue is that I have been running a career mode where I have several off-world colonies, bases and research facilities that I would like to carry forward. What I would like from people is feedback on what difficulties and resources work with this. I have 2 installs (1.3.1 and 1.4.1) that I have been trying to get mods updated to run my setup and I am getting loads of notices that mod x or y is a different version. I have tried using Ckan but even Ckan seems to install mods that are not compatible and I am having a harder time finding the best compatible older versions. It isn't the end of the world to use the F12 menu to rebuild incompatible relays or probes or even empty rovers and sending them back to location, but doing that a lot or when dealing with active bases is a lot more difficult.
  15. ... but then give up on it after only a few update cycles because even ckan can't track all your mods.