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  2. Ohh... that was good! I like the "3 names" thing.
  3. I second that. They are all great, however, seeing as the "Saga of Emiko Station" is perpetually far far from over, and Plan Kappa is stuck on a cliff hanger, there might be issues. I think that Kerbfleet would be great, but it would also be nice to cover something with a description of the beginnings of the space program.
  4. Um, @Kuzzter, because of the cavalry hat, and the space battle, your aren't by any chance, a kerbalized version of Custer?
  5. Amazing! We could (possibly) be standing on the threshold of a new discovery that will change the world forever, and shape the future of humanity! Its unlikely, but we need to have hope. I say we get arecibo to send a message! (Not that it would be helpful)
  6. Um... Emiko station ends with "The saga of Emiko station is far far from over"
  7. That is interesting. I was thinking that they wouldn't be very excepting of a rookie airkerbal right out of boot camp. I was thinking of something kinda like in Kaptin amerika, because I'm still hung up on that after Jeb's Iron man suit.
  8. What about Gene's father? How are the ESF pilots going to treat a rookie pilot?