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  1. I have installed a bunch of mods, including all of the new realism mods for 1.2.2 and downgraded from 1.3 to 1.2.2 so I can run them. All the mods are up to date. Here is a screenshot of all the mods
  2. Why does my game keep crashing when I try to load it? Here's a picture of all my mods so far:
  3. Making a probe fly past Neptune in RSS/RO with 0 cheating
  4. Out of all the things that need to be done and fixed, they're only adding new languages and the ability to move both sides of a strut (hardly something anybody needs)... It's a cool feature I guess but it hardly should be considered an "update" as much as a "patch". I would enjoy it very much if they would just dedicate a whole update just to bug fixes and fixing all the shotty work like all the ugly rocket parts, the half-assed aerodynamics "overhaul", the resource system, etc. etc. etc.
  5. My computer can't run scatterer and I only want some nice looking sunflares instead of the ugly stock ones. Is there any mod out there that will allow me to just have sun flares?
  6. How come I can't get it to work? I installed module manager, kopernicus, and the mod correctly and I'm using KSP 1.2.2 but It won't work.
  7. True, I feel kinda bad about it now but I didn't feel like finding all the mods and stuff. Plus I was already on the way to Eeloo and out of Kerbin's SOI before I noticed so it would have been a pretty big hassle.
  8. thank you so much man you're a life (or rather mission) saver!!!
  9. So I'm going to Eeloo, I launched my drive stage, launched my crew, docked, and after 30 something minutes of burning I'm now on my way to Eeloo. Only problem is I forgot to put an antenna on because I'm not used to the update (haven't played since 1.1). Is there any way I can cheat to turn off the antenna signals? Or some way to get an antenna on there? I really don't feel like starting all over and I don't really care about cheating at this point.
  10. When I try starting openGL in steam it doesn't work, it only crashes on start up. Could someone help me?
  11. Why does my Mars in RSS look like Duna, but all the other planets look like they should?