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  1. Anyone know how to use RSSVE for 1.4.5?
  2. I'm really hoping the parts will be modeled like the Kerbodyne Plus mod parts, it looks incredible. But anyways, keep up the good work Bonus, you never fail to impress me.
  3. It's been around 5 months since I've been on here, and I hope you're doing well Bonus!
  4. It's been almost a month since an update.
  5. No it isn't, it still works with 1.1.3 @ImkSushi Are you still working on this mod?
  6. Very hyped for the next update, but just a question, when I'm in low orbit why do the clouds and the earth seem so low res? I have the max res for RSS-Textures, and also Ultra Res for SVE applied.
  7. I think Bonus is working on something right now guys, and I think he knows about the Projectrho page already
  8. So after 1.1.3 the solar panels don't seem to work, even with this one from NFT, the stock ones, basically any solar panel and I don't know why even with it being pointed at the sun, there's no sun exposure and energy flow
  9. Sorry if this is just me, but this oddly looks exactly like SSRSS by sDaze and Berlin
  10. Can you guys add red sprites, blue jets, and elves?
  11. When 1.1 comes out, are you going to add more engines?
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