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  1. First of all welcome back Eskandare, if you don't mind I made a few fixes on this mod while you where away Second thing I managed to fix all engine plumes and smokes and I forgot to add the Tug fix in the last zip so here it is HERE, thanks everyone for the help an thanks to the guys on github (if you need to rename a node in MM there is a way to do it) Remember to reinstall everything from scratch with the modules that you need (you can do mix and match) but install my patch last
  2. I have a question I looked for days but I can't find a solution, I wasn't sure if was better asking here or github anyway here is the question. https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/issues/165
  3. I fixed the rcs problem, was the old patch in another file messing with the new code you gave me. So i found the problem in the config for the flame, I just need to change MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE_PERSIST in MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE but i don't understand how to do it with MM, any idea? Here are the new Patches, everything works (at least visually). I cannot find a way to add plumes and smoke to the Dauntless' boosters if some one of you want to try you are welcome. I also moved some parts in different categories and added RemoteTech compatibility PS make sure you apply on a fresh install (without any of the old patches)
  4. First of all thanks for the feedback to all of you. Yes it help a lot but maybe i did something wrong and on the Super 25 I have the back rcs ports always on even with the rcs off (it's only graphic) https://puu.sh/GBY4O/f65b45826f.png and https://puu.sh/GBY5g/c52dd6a3f6.png Every other rcs port work fine I still have to work on the engines, nothing change with your code (probably I pasted in the wrong place). I will update you soon™ guys.
  5. Hi, I just made this fixes for me but since they work I'm going to share it with you. So I managed to fix the warning messages with ModuleManager and the RCS on the space station tug (fixed both size and reverse side of the visual effects). After a day of trying I'm tired and I cannot fix the RCS on the Super 25, the RCS on Dauntless works fine (I'm not sure if was me or was already fixed) I tried to fix the engines but I could only fix the Super 25 booster so i scrapped everything, just use Real Plumes (but i don't see any smoke effect). In the zip file you will find the patches and I added the space center vehicles craft files. Download at YOUR OWN RISK I am not a modder and this is my first time trying to use Modulemanager so do your backups.
  6. Are the rcs in the vab list from your mod?
  7. Hi, It is possible to have pack with only low definition textures? (to overwrite the HD textures in your mod)
  8. I don't have any problem with any mod, the only thing is the update for MFI (the game works fine with the old or the new version) The other mods aren't made for ksp 1.2.2 don't worry about them the screen was just to show you the FMI update
  9. It's just because every time i upgrade your mod i have to download again MFI, I used the last version since your second or third release but i don't know what it should break (if it breaks something)
  10. can you update the modular flight integration in your zip file?
  11. It is possible to select a target in the VAB for multiple antennas at the same time? So i can send like a million little satellite in one launch without having to select the target on each one but just turn them on with the action groups
  12. I didn't think about this, i changed the config just to save my kerbals from death; next time I'll use some other capsule for reentry. Thanks
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