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  1. I have discovered that the auxiliary power unit causes my missiles to fail to decouple.
  2. It appears that this is something that is actually universal to all missiles, so it's not just North Kerbin. What's weird is that the missiles work and fire normally on most of my planes. I usually don't use the nodes for placement so it's odd. The plane with 4 engines and the giant intake under the nose is the one where missiles don't decouple, while the MiG looking one does work. I have a few other planes with the issue of missiles and bombs that don't decouple but this is the most recent. I just hope there is a good identifiable reason the specific planes don't work so I can fix and avoid it later. Edit: Sorry guys, it appears an auxiliary power unit from Red vs Blue continued caused the missiles to fail.
  3. Yeah, I tried using both the attachment modes, different rails from other mods, and I tried offsetting the missile off the rail to prevent clipping.
  4. Hi, I have an issue where when I fire the missile it doesn't actually decouple but the rocket fires so It blows up my plane. Is this a well known issue and is there some way to fix it?
  5. Does this mean that ALG is fundamentally incompatible?
  6. The menu for B9 Wings just didn't appear and the wings were placed with an HRSI side and Standard side up. I don't think it was anything related to key binds and I'm unsure what part of the B9 Legacy folders caused this but it's probably a local issue so I'll just leave it be.
  7. Well, after deleting some mods it looked like B9 Legacy was the cause.
  8. I don't have that installed, but I'll list the folders in my Gamedata.
  9. Do you remember what mod that was? I'm hoping it'll be the same issue lol
  10. When I place the parts using symmetry, the bottom faces up on one side. So I'm not sure if that's the issue
  11. Hey, for some reason out of the blue, the parts aren't working now. They'll place as the default squares and I cannot select or edit their shape using J. Are there any known incompatibilities? Is there anyway to fix this? I tried uninstalling mods.
  12. Hi, my Vessel mover works except for the fact that when it spawns a vessel the control surfaces don't function. This is like one of my first times reporting an issue. Here's a link to my Log Sorry if I missed some really obvious issues. I'm not sure which of my mods would be compatible with VM. I tried multiple times to fix it.
  13. I know this is off topic of the thread but do you mind telling me what parts pack those parts are from.
  14. Hi, this is just a quick post. When I updated to 1.1 I got this horrible terrain glitch, and every texture is gone, unless i zoom out very far away. My game was modded, but I uninstalled all of them, reinstalled the game around three times and still get this. I updated my AMD drivers, but it didn't work. Anyways, I just hope someone can help me.