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  1. Its a totally fair point and after rereading my post I may have come across a bit crankier than intended. I think what I meant to say is that I really like the way this is going... and am hopeful that by the time I am ready to give up on my 50+ year career save and start fresh this will have all of the polish that your other excellent mods have.
  2. It seems like there were a lot of things added in to this that, while cool, were not really connected to heat... I am trying to figure out why all of the nuclear reactor changes were added here and not in Near Future Electric and Kerbal Atomics... Umm ok... the problem I found with this is that having the windows anchored to the toolbar icon really limits the amount of info that can be shown on screen. And as soon as you get a couple of reactors and heat loops on the same vessel its really difficult to manage. As it stands I am not sure why I would ever use the "Installed Reactors"
  3. I am getting this exact same error. Spent a ton of time constructing a surface base and as soon as i deploy the game crashes. **Update** I modified my craft and appears the issue is no longer occurring. I had a couple landing legs that were too low and were clipping into the ground... not sure this was the cause but I moved them up and tried again and it worked. Unpacking Mun Surface Workshop (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 42) [Surface Base Deployer Lander]: ground contact! - error. Moving Vess
  4. Curious if you have a roadmap for what your priorities are. Love MJ, curious about where you plan on taking it.
  5. Found this program for the first time last night and fell in love. Such a fantastic tool. Spent so much time "playing" with it I didn't actually even get to my mission in KSP. Need to do a little more digging to figure out how to use it for my RO/RSS install. Still learning how to use it but just wanted to send a note saying thank you.
  6. Glad it worked out ok! The last thing the commercial space industry needed was another failure.
  7. A business process or operations issue to me does not necessarily imply a material defect.
  8. What am I missing? Can't seem to find new info. Nevermind i I found it. This thread grew too fast.
  9. Also accounts for why it ended up flipping a couple times.
  10. Extreme Rumor: (as in I just pulled this out of my brain) all 8 developers were offered a job making Neil DeGrasde Tyson's Space Odyssey game.
  11. Based on what? Goat bones and entrails? Comments like this are not useful unless you have some credible information to back it up.
  12. One thing that struck me as interesting was that they said on the webcast that they actually throttled down the booster after separation to account for the fact that it no longer had a payload. Seems like a better test of the efficacy would be to actually cause a catastrophic failure on the booster to see if the capsule can escape intact.
  13. Looks like the emergency escape would have been a bit white knuckle but it worked well. Curious how many Gs you would hit on that.
  14. This could speak to me doing things wrong but one thing that always throws me off is how to attach an additional stage below a cluster of engines.
  15. I am really loving the new engines. The art looks excellent. With the change to allowing smaller profile engines will we be getting additional mounting options to more easily cluster engines?
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