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  1. There is no sound in *vacuum*. Even the bodies without atmosphere seems to commonly have dust sublimating off the surface, so depending on density that could be able to conduct sound.
  2. Crypto miner. Stolen copies of the game should steal resources from the user as recompense
  3. *twitch* Interstellar! INTERSTELLAR! Aaaaaaaah!
  4. First things first, this is probably the wrong category to ask this question, so I expect a moderator will move it elsewhere. To actually answer your question though. a MacBook Air is likely not going to be sufficient for your use case, even with the i7 model. The chassis is designed to be lightweight, so you'll run into thermal throttling rapidly. That said, due to the nature of KSP's code, a ship with that many parts won't run well on most any system, thermal throttling or not. In any case, if your heart is set on a Mac, I'd recommend the 16" Macbook Pro, though this of course is likely
  5. As with all mods, it will be updated when the authors darn well feel like it. Compile it yourself if you need it that much, but personally I've been moving away from using Kopernicus as it isn't needed for most visual overhauls anymore. Addendum: It occurs to me that with it becoming increasingly common for users to compile their own versions of Kopernicus, the authors may be refraining from working in public.
  6. Would it be possible to jettison hot coolant in an emergency? Say, you're overheating in flight and need to cool that reactor NOW, and draw water from life support tanks to replenish it? Perhaps you're low on propellant and your cooling loop is looking a lot like some extra dV?
  7. The stock game doesn't have training times, so chances are you're using a mod that adds such.
  8. Notepad++ has a similar capacity, and you're probably already using it anyway. Does lack the filetype mask though.
  9. The thought occurs, as it were... is it possible for users to define new Breaking Ground surface features (e.g. the Baobab tree) for new or modified planets, or would that be out of scope?
  10. KSP 1.9 just released, it appears. You have my sympathy, Kopernicus Team. Here's hoping the lack of a Unity upgrade makes things ever so slightly simpler for whenever you darn well feel like doing a new version. Good luck.
  11. It does look like the Kerbalism team has in fact improved compatibility recently, so I think I can work with that for now. Heat simulation in Kerbalism is the main roadblock and they do seem to be working on that, so if I were to ask for anything from Radioactivity it would be a Restock-styled Geiger counter instrument. But of course, only if you darn well feel like it.
  12. Found a seemingly abandoned project on your GitHub for "Radioactivity", which I imagine will remain abandoned for the near future (). Was looking at it mostly due to the limited compatibility between NFE/Kerbal Atomics and Kerbalism, but compatibility is third-party IIRC so I'm uncertain how to proceed.
  13. As it happens I've started work on MAS configs for the NFT command pods, but I intend to publish it separately as an add-on to my stock part configs.
  14. Checking the status on GitHub, work does appear to be ongoing, though I would like to ask confirmation as to whether the release is planned for 1.8.1, or if you're holding out for 1.8.2
  15. So I attempted to write a config for MAS support, but unfortunately, while all the props *technically* work, they only work when the flight scene is first loaded, and to update your MFDs or whatnot you have to leave the flight scene and return for any changes to take effect. I don't know if you're planning to support MAS with this plugin, but if you are I hope my testing saves you some effort.
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