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  1. Ah, Take 2? They may be known for Rockstar Games, but I know them for Firaxis. Shows what my niche is, I suppose, but if people are concerned about mod support or DRM, I say they have nothing to fear. *ponders about a KSP/SMAC crossover*
  2. Since Flying Tiger is no longer doing the port, I suppose they've been De-ported?
  3. Upon further inspection, it seems that the Magdalena's drive pods not working was my fault. I had attached them in the VAB, but they were node-snapped to the rear end of the docking ports rather than, you know, the docking end. Actually attaching them properly yields no problem. I had to scrap putting the HL-20 into a cargo bay, as they don't quite fit in most orientations. Instead, I've gone for a modular girder construct. I think it's a fitting aesthetic for an emergency evac. In other news, you may have seen my Kentipede mobile base. I've designed a transport for it, but it includes a modified version of your Cupola Tug as a means of assembling the payload for landing. Should I end up publishing it, would I be able to redistribute your work, or should I direct users to obtain it from you?
  4. Huh. Well, thanks. More images incoming, then!
  5. I know *that*. What was happening was that the "Insert into post" button wasn't working for some reason. It's working now, strangely, so have some images.
  6. New Von Braun looks good. Something that comes to mind, though, is the HL-20 escape pod. The VB 11 can carry 18 kerbals, 19 with a Cupola Tug attached, but the HL-20 seats only four. You'd need four of them to be able to evac only most of its capacity, which would leave no room for docking anything else. Do you use some sort of pod bay? I'm attempting to design one myself at the moment. Trying to make one with doors, because reasons. In other thoughts as regards your craft, I notice that the Lackluster still uses its pre-fuel-priority design. Were there not plans to update that? I also notice that the Drive Pods included with the Magdalena seem to be broken(that is, not drawing LF through the tiny docking port), though that could just be a mistake I made when installing them.
  7. Hmm, there should be an Imgur album on KerbalX. Would you like me to embed some of the images here? I should be able to do that. ETA: Nope, can't embed images from Imgur. You'll have to click through to KerbalX if you want to look at pics.
  8. Some of you may remember my mobile base, the Kentipede. While I had made a thread for the earlier versions, the forum software advised me that I should start a new topic due to its inactivity. Just as well, as this version of the craft is a complete redesign. The last Kentipede update was a change in wheels to fit into the mark3 fuselage system. In this version of the Kentipede, it *is* a mark3 fuselage itself. This new brings a massive improvement to performance and durability. The modules are now all the same size, and look quite a bit nicer thanks to the excellent work of PorkJet on the the spaceplane and shuttle parts. This should make it much easier for you all to mix and match to your heart's content, and it allows systems to be deployed that carry a single module at a time, a fair compromise between the MkIV's portability and the MkII's durability. Without having to fit the wheels into the cargo bay, I was free to use the Rovemax M3 wheels, which have an insane impact tolerance differential steering, and a high ground clearance. I also added retro-rockets, parachutes, and lights to every module, to ensure a safe touchdown on most bodies(They are not sufficient for deorbiting maneuvers, so please bring a rocketcrane). Do note that, as before, a launch vehicle is not included(I myself am using a modified version of one of @Rune's General Lifters), and neither is an interplanetary transport(I recommend another of Rune's works, the Magdalena) If anyone is interested, an Imgur album and the craft file can be found on KerbalX
  9. Looks good from what I can tell. I look forward to making my own Kerbal-Stayputnik missions.
  10. With the focus on proper localization, I feel that it would be prudent to inform you that the proper word tense for that is "slain". In any case, that LM has pushed the expansion from a "Might buy" to a "shut up and take my money!"
  11. *Grabs the new Von Braun* Glad to hear that your craft has such excellent performance. Good work. Now I just need to boot up KSP again... I noticed that you posted in the expansion announcement thread. With the understanding that you do plan to purchase it, should we expect to see craft from you incorporating the added parts? I do intend to purchase it, myself, but for others who do not, would you continue to maintain non-DLC craft in the event that DLC-added parts outperform the extant components in your designs? Perhaps these questions should wait until the DLC is actually released, heh.
  12. I'd forego the recoverability on these ones. "Cheap" means "a long time", and these ones don't look like "A long time" is in their mission profile. I'd probably be using them in case something needs to get to space NOW.
  13. Given that various mods have been moving away from Interstellar Fuel Switch, I would ask if there's a particular way to make the fuel switch compatible with, say, Configurable Containers.
  14. Fair enough. In any case, I've discovered that the Trajectories mod has tools for planning a reentry profile.
  15. While I'm sure it varies by design, as a general rule of thumb, how should I go about deorbiting a spaceplane or space shuttle so that I can land it at the KSC runway? Assuming a 100x100 prograde equatorial orbit, at what longitude should I make the burn, and what should my periapsis be before reentry?