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  1. I don't visit the forums every day, and I didn't see your message until now.. I'll take a look this weekend, I'm kind of busy at the moment. Also, just because I know what's *wrong* with something doesn't necessarily mean I know what'd be *right*
  2. Winchester


    To use existing landing gear, he'd have to design specifically for those parts, and I don't think he did that, so he's probably going to have to make his own. Also, I would *not* try to rescale the rocket before getting it built and working at its true size in RO or RSS, because it's way more complicated than just scaling it down to 50%. A half-scale New Glenn might not even make it out of Kerbin's atmosphere without serious tweaking of the engine performance, because it would have 12.5% of the delta-V of the full scale rocket at the same specific impulse.
  3. Winchester


    That's a nice looking rocket you have there! I hope you're not planning to use all of that as a single part though, for a few different reasons. The first one is obviously - people will want to use the separate components as part of their own rocket designs. Especially the bottom section with the landing legs and engine mounts, since that's the coolest part of the rocket. Having that, and the interstage (the part where the upper stage motor goes) as separate parts also makes it easier for other modders to make different sized fuel tanks to go in the middle (in fact, you could do it with Procedural Fuel Tanks most likely). The second is aerodynamics. A single part has a single aerodynamic center, which means strakes modeled into the base part don't really do anything. The strakes being separate means they'll actually be working aerodynamic surfaces, and really will provide the stability you want. (Also, the older concept art didn't have them, and this will let people discover *why* they were added...) The third is engine control - the boostback and landing burns shown in the promotional material are done on one engine, and it's a lot easier to set that up if you give the rocket seven separate engines rather than one single engine with multiple nozzles. You *could* code it for a mode switch so that you can switch the outer engines off, but why do that when you can provide the engines as separate parts and let players use the game's normal controls, *and* let players play around with the engines in other applications too? Anyway, thank you for attempting this, and I look forward to blowi.... errm I mean, flying it!
  4. The mod author, @K.Yeon, showed some pictures of a 2.5 meter fuselage section with separate wing root fairings in progress a while back, but he's been MIA for the last month, most likely due to RL stuff (his job sends him on long trips with poor internet connection on occasion). He hasn't put the parts on the roadmap yet, so we don't know how soon in terms of updates he's planning on releasing them, nor do we know when he'll be back. Most of the rest of us here in the thread can't model worth a damn, or work the Part Tools that lets you turn your 3D models into actual parts, or we'd have done it already In the mean time you might want to look at these mods: SXT contains 2.5 meter fuselage parts for planes, including passenger, fuel and structural versions, using repurposed textures from the main game. It's thus really low profile texture-wise, but the parts don't always look the greatest and there's a *lot* of parts I never use at all. As noted in the summary, the Mk2.5 fuselage system is essentially 2.5 meters with a flat bottom. While there is a shuttle cockpit included in the mod, there are also adapters for normal 2.5 meter fuselages, so you can use the flat-bottomed parts only for a section of the fuselage - for example, where your wing roots are, so you can build a space plane with low-mounted wings that mount to a flat surface. Very handy. Sadly, the author of the mod has stopped updating it, but there's nothing in it that doesn't work in 1.2.2.
  5. I'm not the one saying the J-60 has built-in fuel, and I'm only one version behind on the Legacy pack - and the last released version didn't change much, it just added a few things, you know, like J-series OMS system? That I wrote the configs for? Anyway, my personal wish is that one of the two engines (the J-60 or J-61) be turned into another dual mode engine, as aside from the Dark Drive and the J-81 (which is also really OP with its ginormous ISP under all conditions), the OPT pack doesn't have *any* engines that work well in space. The ARI-75 and the Linear Aerospike have really sucky ISP compared to the others, Make the J-61 equivalent to say three RAPIERs, with slightly better ISP (that means it's still better than just grabbing a bicoupler and a pair of RAPIERs, but not as OP as the current J-81).
  6. Huh, didn't know that. So you're the one responsible for creating the config that makes basically every other engine obsolete? No. Just... No. The problem I'm trying to get fixed with the things is that they're already massively, massively overpowered, as they currently generate the same thrust as the J-92 Advanced Shcramjet, while being just over half as big in cross section, using less than 60% of the fuel, and costing less than 12.5% of the credits to build. They have way too much thrust for their size, their ISP is *insane*, and they both should cost in the region of six times as much even if the other two stats were changed, and probably more than ten times if they weren't. They *seriously* need a balance pass of some sort. I'd drop both engines by at least 30% maximum thrust and down to 4000 ISP to start with, possibly letting the bigger one have 4300 ISP or something to balance out the fact that it's bigger and you need more work fitting it into your design...
  7. Either that or give it an entirely different power curve, maybe even make it a dual-mode engine as the only one K.Yeon ever bothered making was the overpowered monster that is the J-81.
  8. I suck just as bad, to be honest. I just want someone who *doesn't* suck to know that this is a thing that people want.
  9. Speaking of the older Mk2 engines, does anyone else want to separate them performance and mass-wise, or is it just me? Right now, the only difference between the two is the overall length of the two engines, they both perform and mass exactly the same, so the only reason to pick one over the other is aesthetics. I'd love for them to have distinctly different behaviors and performance, so you'd have a greater reason to choose between them...
  10. Depends on what you mean by outdated. If it's just complaining that "this mod is for a previous version", that's just because Stali79 hasn't bothered updating the version info and making a new release. Aside from that, the parts basically come in three categories: 1. Parts that work, but don't fit where K.Yeon wants to take the mod currently (like all the engines) 2. Parts that don't work as intended due to game issues (the old wings, some of the ramps and cargo sections) 3. Parts that work with a little bit of help, such as Kerbal Joint Reinforcement System (the Humpback fuselage, maybe some of the other legacy fuselage profiles). Personally, I only use the engines and the Humpback fuselage as none of the extra things for the Stail and Avatar fuselages that don't exist for J and K appeal to me aesthetically, and the core functionality of J is much greater than for the Stail (old J) parts due to being just slightly larger, and of course all of the parts working in the current game. The rest of the truly obsolete parts (the wings etc) I could probably delete without much trouble.
  11. There's a sweet spot where the control surface is exactly 90 degrees off from where it's supposed to be, and you can use the rotation keys (don't remember off hand whether it's Q, W, E, A, S, D or F - it's one of those, though) to get the angle right. It's easiest to do in my experience if the wing is vertical when you're doing it. Then you make a sub-assembly out of the completed wing and you don't have to worry about it anymore... until you delete your save and have to start over.
  12. I'm not sure as I don't have KSP 1.1.3 on hand to test with, but as it appears to fail to load on the very first OPT part file, my first guess is that no, it's not compatible. The semi-official 1.8 releases that Stali79 made were 1.1.3 compatible, but that doesn't contain the latest additions by K.Yeon like the inline RCS systems, the service and payload modules, and the ramp parts. What's keeping you from upgrading to 1.2.2? Are you waiting for a particular mod to update? Some of the mods that haven't gotten an official update yet have workarounds described in their respective threads for how to get them running under 1.2.2, though not all of them.
  13. Just getting it to work for you is only half the job, now we need to figure out if it's really Real Fuels or if it's a combination of three mods, of which Real Fuels and OPT are just the two parts. Which is why we still want a mod list. Once we've figured out the minimum combination required for the problem to occur, then we can go about getting people (probably the people making the other involved mods) to fix the issue so it won't happen again. Also, given that there aren't (to the best of my knowledge) any mods out there that you'd have to hide using in polite company, I don't get why people have such hangups about posting their mod lists. I mean, the OPT Legacy Pack is about as shameful as it gets when it comes to KSP mods...and that's just because of the obscenely powerful engines. (Yeah, I get that posting your mod list is a lot of work sometimes, though a simple way of making one is to open a command prompt, navigate to your GameData folder, and run "dir /a:d > modlist.txt", which will create a text file in your GameData folder containing a list of all the first-level subfolders. You can look the command up online if you're uncertain). Edit: Actual easiest way: use File Explorer to go to your GameData folder, then in the file menu, use "open a command prompt", and it will open one right where you need it. Then execute "dir /a:d > modlist.txt", and a text file will appear containing all the
  14. Please don't ask "help me solve this incompatibility issue" without telling us which mods might potentially be involved. Post your mod list with the request, because there are a gazillion mods out there and unless one of us recognizes a specific behavior (like the last help request), there's no way to know what kind of mod it might be. At the very least if we have your mod list we can eliminate a pile of stuff that we know works well with OPT and concentrate on the things that haven't been tested by anyone else yet. As for finding out which mods can change parts in other packs, I'd start with mods that have DLL files, because those are the ones that alters the way the game works. Not all of them will alter parts, but it's a start.
  15. OK, it looks like the official word is that the old threads are gone for good: @K.Yeon, will you post a new thread in the Releases forum, or should we just keep going with this one? Also, while I'm at it - the links in your signature haven't worked for some time, you might want to redo it whether you're posting a new thread or not. In the mean time, still eagerly awaiting the new goodies you're cooking up....