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  1. Hey all. Not sure if it was my heaviest but it was up there in weight and waste of time. The Minmus Twin Star Hotel. ME
  2. Hi all. When I play a game I often have some extra Delta-v when gathering science around one of the moon of Kerbin. Example: getting science from Mün's orbit then doing a flyby of Minmus for extra science. Or after getting my science from Minmus exiting the Kerbin SOI to get some Sun science. So here is my question. What is the best way to leave the SOI and come back to it. I can manage it but feel that I am doing it wrong. Should I leave on the sun-side of the SOI or the other side? Prograde or retrograde? And how to setup the interception back to Kerbin? As said I manage every time but I feel that I should use far less delta-v as I am just on the outside. Thanks for reading this and any input is appreciated. ME
  3. @Krazy1 Hi. I do believe that you got the April fool joke/Easter egg thing. What is the date on your computer? As I am pretty sure that you should get that only on the 1st of April. ME Just did a search.
  4. Hi. Sorry if it's been suggested before or it is impossibly complicated to implement. There is already IVA and EVA buttons on the Kerbal images in the lower corner but I always felt there should be a transfer button as well. As in when you want a scientist that is somewhere in your multiple modules ship. The one that as only one door. And you don't know where you stuffed him-her. Thank you for the good work. ME
  5. Hi it's Kerbal Space Ponies. https://spacedock.info/mod/352/Kerbal Space Ponies It is an older mod. Can't guarantee it will work for you. I don't think (99.99 positive) it is maintained at all anymore. I am running on Linux and my game was from the store. I don't know anything about windows, mac or steam. You put the folder in GameData as usual but....For some reason I cannot run the game from a shortcut on the desktop. I have to start the game from my game folder. If I use a shortcut then the ponies appear as just regular Kerbals. Sometime on a rescue the ponies don't appear as ponies immediately. To get the ponies in the game they must be hired as new crew or you can edit Kerbals and rename them as ponies in the save files. Good luck. ME
  6. Val got some play time on Minmus. They all got Pistachio ice cream. Or maybe it was mint... ME
  7. Hey all Kerbonuts. Today still playing a new career in 1.12.3. Valentina took a cooperative crew to the Mün for some s'ploration and fun. Departure was uneventful ME
  8. Hi all Kerbophiles. Hadn't played in donkeys years Kerbal years in a long time. So trying out 1.12.3. Sent A crew with a pony scientist to the Mün in a biome hopper. Good time was had by all. ME
  9. Hi. I always referred to it as being "Florida". But I guess it does look more like the Korean peninsula. You win. M E
  10. Hi @Rogue Phoenix I see you have 4 posts. I am unsure if I should welcome you. Yes, I am sure. Welcome to the forum. Might not be your problem but I have found that when I dock a ship with a space station there can a Kraken attack. Especially when the station is complex (Iss). My solution is to have the SAS off on the station when close and just about to dock turn the ships SAS off as well. It is as if the two SAS are on and commanding two incompatible things As opposed to becoming one SAS on one ship. M E
  11. Salut @curiosity_spacenews I do not use Kos myself but a quick search makes it look like the scripts are kept as text files in the Ships folder. So you can use just about any text editor to write and or edit the files. Au plaisir. M E
  12. Hi. I would like to see a new set of contracts. Instead of taking tourist to orbit and come back how about using those space stations that the contracts make us build. Send a tourist there for a week. Do a warp collect your money or do another contract and come back for him-her later. Same with mission specialists. Send one with a "Doodad" to Munbase for a year. The specialist could be contracted to go by rover to "Someplace" with the "Doodad" then bring it back to base. Eventually back to Kerbin itself. Take a specialist-scientist to the pole of Duna and take a "Doodad Report". Tourist appear once and are gone. A specialist could be a recurring non-payroll Kerbal. Contract: Upgrade Mike-Kerbal-engineer-specialist to class 2. Change in contract. The one year Munbase contract as been cancelled send Billy-Bob-Specialist directly (Without returning to Kerbin first) from Mun to Ike for 40 days. Specialist Poncho need to leave Mun-Station for Gilly. Must be out of Kerbin SOI in the next 7 days for "Reason". In all just an excuse to use our rendez-vous and landing skills. PS How about de-orbiting contracts. Spacestation-x as been decommissioned. Dock wit it retrieve valuable crew and-or equipment then de-orbit the sucker. ME
  13. @MinimalMinmus Sounds like you broke the game. You can paste the picture direct link to the post and the forum will post it as an image. If that fails click the "Insert Image from URL" button in the right-bottom corner of the post reply box. Then paste the same direct link to the picture. ME
  14. Hey. Funny that you are working on other Gerry Anderson stuff (Shado Mobile Unit) here is what Jeb was doing earlier today. I haven't payed with the mobile unit but I can tell you the interceptor need a lot of work. But man that thing pulls 5 Gees with infinite power. ME
  15. Hey all, hey @ColdJ Bill came up with a new invention after looking at some RC rocket parts. He called it the Docking-Port-Mini-Mini. It had to be tested. So they parked and waited for Valentina. There was a nice crash at just about 50 m/s but no pictures were taken Fun was had by all. They can't wait to do it again. ME
  16. Same old, same old. So you also lived through this then. ME
  17. Hi. Thanks, I will play with that. Not sure how old you are but... The rover in Space 1999 was actually an Amphicat. Every kid in the 70s wanted one. They where touted as all-terrains-amphib. I don't think they ever were as good as (us) kids dreamed them to be, They floated precariously, the wheels would (With their big treads) churn the water like mad and it would go forward.....slowly. I don't think you would have wanted wind, waves, or current. Vegetation or rocks either. I have seen videos of them struggling to get up a stream bank. I also think that the ground clearance (For an all terrain) was too low to be practical. ME
  18. SPACEDOCK The Mün buggy is part of that mod. It as not been updated in years. Expect funny stuff. It drives funny. Like driving on ice. You can't pre-load a Kerbal to the front seat. He as to board it. Make sure the wheels are the right way up when assembling. There is an arrow on the inside of the wheels. The buggy as 2000 units of electrons. But no way of charging as such. ME
  19. Hey all. Valentina and Jeb are still testing the new Mün Buggy. This time in the administrator's pool. Val: That is strange it should float as it is based on the Amphicat. Bill confirmed that indeed it doesn't float and can be driven underwater if badly. It also need a reaction wheel. ME
  20. SPACEDOCK The mod was last updated for 1.3.0 so a few things don't quite work as expected. Such as preloading a Kerbal to the front seat. The Mün buggy is the best part. My first build didn't roll forward. The wheels appear round but they do have an up and down axis to steer. When putting the wheels on, in the SPH, rotate them 90°. Careful driving as they barrel-roll a lot. On the Mün anyway. Didn't try them in other gravity. ME
  21. Hey all. Today the usual gang took delivery of new equipment. And they are putting it through some hard testing. They especially like the buggies. ME
  22. here is a link to the mod from the video. https://spacedock.info/mod/1330/Gerry Anderson's Space 1999 Pack ME
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