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  1. Acepted a contract to save Geneming Kerman and retreive his craft back to Kerbin. Here is very proud Geneming Kerman (Formerly employed by Integral) before embarking for the return trip. (I wrote return but he never was on Kerbin before as he was spawned on the Mun) (And, yes, he had a seat in the main ship not in the derelict) Also I got a weirdness building this monstrosity. When I first attached the gears to the fuel tank of the prototype I got a skin rash problem. Whatever that was it was asymmetric. Thanks, Have a nice Kerbin day. ME
  2. Hi. Just a small irritation. So small. When I rescue a crew for some desolate place I like to have them place their own flag in situ. I never see those flags as I never use them. That makes them novel to me. As soon as the crew gets on board on any subsequent appearance of said crew he has changed is patches and use the new employer's flags. Could the crew retain is own stuff until he makes it back to Kerbal? Thanks for the read. ME
  3. Had to look at a lot of pictures but here it is: By Vincent Van Kerbal ME
  4. Today I landed munned alighted touched down landed in the Mun Canyon for the first time. I just happened to takeoff on my way to orbit and was low in the canyon. So I stopped all ground speed and stopped for a look see. Of course I wasted my return fuel but the crew took great pictures. They now orbit at 12km with no fuel but that is what rescue missions are for......Right? ME
  5. Hi. I produced this 23.661t orbiter a long time ago using 1.2.2. Apparently I used MechJeb back then. Thanks for reading this. ME
  6. Hey all Kerbalites. The last few days I have been practising pinpoint landings. Jeb re-found the Memorial and placed a flag. Val went for it. Thanks for dropping in. ME
  7. Hey there. Today Jeb went to the KSS in an experimental One Kerbal SSTO. He did get there and docked in spite of being low on fuel and not having any RCS thrusters. He won his bet with Bill. Unfortunately he is stuck there as he doesn't have enough LF (5.88 Units) to deorbit. He has to be rescued of course but no one is in a hurry to get him back. He is in a comfortable place and can wait. ME
  8. Key all Kerbonuts. Today I built a Spaceplane and sent the usual gang to do a snack delivery to the KSS. Almost no wobbles on reentry. But I did run out of electrons. Perfect landing with nothing exploded. We can even reuse it. Snacks for all. ME
  9. Yes. In the last few months I played 2 career with little satisfaction. Played each with increasing difficulty but it is just more frustrating. The parts are wrong, the tech inadequate, contracts offers are unsatisfying, the ratio difficulty reward isn't good enough. Currently "Dabbling" with docking in LKO with stations on an inclination. Rooting for you. ME
  10. Hey all. Sent a pod to the KISS. Had it dock by the "Airlock". Later sent a crew to the KISS. It turned out to be haunted. That was a strange one. I was transferring crews around and the game got "Hung" and troublesome (1.8.1). One crew was lost. I found him by switching IVA views (V button). He was in one of the labs.....And someone's helmeted (all 8 of my Kerbals were indoors) shadow was moving on the wall....Now that's a new one on me. ME
  11. Hey all kerbophile-nauts. Started playing again and today I finally gave in and took the time to build a stock knockoff of the ISS. I give you the KISS. It rotates due to phantom forces. But on the whole if the SAS is off it seems stable. Now I need to send Kerbals to it and see what happens when their ship is in physic range. ME
  12. The old fall back is "It is a game". On the subject of making sense. I always thought hat it was a pity that when Kerbals go EVA that the hatch isn't opened. Gemini 4 Apollo 9 Apollo 16
  13. Hell @severedsolo I was playing with a few Kerbals on the Mun and I found a few perplexing things. The mod is great and no offences are meant. The first thing is the EVAed Kerbal seem to be able to get in from about 5 metres away. That seems a bit excessive. Doesn't matter If I ever use it I intend to be touching the port before hitting "B". The other thing is I had 2 Kerbals on the surface of Mun one flew to the top of the MEM where the Docking port was the other stayed on the surface by the ladder. I hit "B" and they both got in. ??? That was a bit surprising. Now as I type this I am wondering what would happen if there are four Kerbals and only 3 seats. To the VAB. Thanks, ME
  14. I believe you are correct. The tunnels are (I think) barely bigger than shoulder width (Saves on materials, mass and engineering). And a fully suited astronaut couldn't use them. But when did KSP start being "Real"? It does take a few liberties. Got notified. Thanks @severedsolo I am impressed by how fast you came up with a mod. Magic to me. Proves that it can be done and implemented if nothing else. I will try this. ME
  15. Thank you. I didn't know why. That makes a lot of sense. For instance a docking port can be at the end of a girder and there could be multiple parts the Kerbal could end up in. How about assigning a docking port to a specific part in the VAB? If the compartment is full you get a message.
  16. Hi. I know. There is a mod for that. I am not asking for a mod I am making a suggestion. We all can dock we don't need it. My father didn't have one, always done without, that's the difference between real men and fake ones and again there is a mod for that. Can we get an extra icon on the Navball. One that shows the reciprocal attitude of the targeted docking port. Maybe a competence for a four star pilot? They get nothing for the fourth and fifth stars. I would like to move away from just leaving the magnets to finish lining things up at the last minute. Maybe dock from IVA.....Imagine that. Thanks. ME
  17. Hi. I know this as been suggested before. I was doing a space walk the other day (well indirectly anyway) (1.8.1) and thought "Hey, maybe there was an update and I don't know about it". And, no. A kerbal still can't grab a docking port and enter the craft that way. It would be nice. Thank you for reading this, ME
  18. Thanks @Geonovast All is solved. My PC was getting slower and weirder all the time. Until it failed altogether. I reached in my drawer for parts and got out another drive a Terra (I always inherit old computers from family). The failed one 500Mb wont even mount (I tried to mount it as secondary to retrieve pictures). It spins but something is obviously wrong with it. I will keep it for a short while until I am convinced it will not heal itself. On a re-install I always re-install on a different drive and retrieve my files from the original. Not having a PC to download Linux I used what I had (The CD). I am now running Linux Mint 19.2 and KSP 1.8.1 just started. The install was the same as always but this time it asked for installing 3rd party software and drivers. My previous one (17.1) had not. That's the only real difference I saw in the install. Now to get the backup drive connected and get picture albums from years past. Thanks again. I am not sure I would have checked to find if there was a newer better Linus out there. ME PS. Memory. Yes. My memory is a bit low and there is too much swapping. My biggest hangup is the video card. Full screen or looking at Kerbin the game lags. Looking toward the Skybox all is well. A new computer isn't in in my foreseeable future.
  19. Reasons? No real reasons. I had the CD for 17.1 already. The update manager suggested an update to 17.3 (Naively I thought that would be the latest). I will go looking for those more current versions....But it ran before. Puzzled. Intel i5 CPU 750@2.67GHZx4, 3.4GiB, HD 957.2GB (Using less than 1/3) I do not know what DE mean nor how to change drivers. I will go and get 18.3 AND 19.2, try them both. Thanks.
  20. Hi all. Sorry but I need help again. My PC crashed yesterday Linus Mint 17.1 the game (Both 1.7.3 and 1.8.1) ran great straight from the file. So, new install of 17.1 then upgraded to 17.3, because. I get KSP 1.8.1 and it fails to run. Tried getting a new "Uncorrupted version". Still fails. Tried running from different user. Fail. Tried downloading and running 1.7.3. Fail. I run two monitors. I tried starting from either. Fail. I tried running from the launchers, x86, x86_64. Exact same fail. What I see is a window growing and shrinking too fast to observe. No messages, no log is created. I really don't want to revert to Linux Mint 17.1 just to see. Don't quite see the point. I could live without playing KSP ......., but , you know. Why? I have Linux mint 17.3, 64 bits installed, dual monitors. Any ideas or input? Thanks for reading this. ME
  21. Roots. 1000 equals one thousand roots. Kerbals are obviously vegetarians and trade roots. ME
  22. Hi, I like that. One of my bane is looking at a ship and doing an EVA. The Kerbal is always on the other side and the whole camera as to be rotated. Grump. Your magic button would be used by one such as me. ME
  23. Yup. They can board the chair again and come back home. The first time I had tourists on EVA was after a crash. Then I spun the craft intentionally on the ground to release them. Just now I tried this: I am running 1.7.3 Vanilla with MechJeb as the only mod. ME