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  1. Here with latest KSP 1.3.1. and latest CKAN, CKAN will not update (button keeps grey) by telling not found a "TextureReplacer.dll" in the "Updating Repositories" tab. Sure, the new one is "TextureReplacerReplaced.dll". My work around is to keep the old dll in, renamend to ".dll_", and if i need to update i renamed it back to .dll, after updating back "dll_". Think i could rename the new one and edit the config files... ;-) But i keep it to avoid possible future inconsistency. Sorry, if somewhere back in this thread this behavior is already posted. And of course, thousends thanks to keep this mod alive and maintainanced!
  2. Have 2 exact same installations, difference is only one is with, other without dmp client. In both i have that problem. Its one of installed mods. In my opinion - sorry - that have nothing to do with DMP. Me goes back to Space Center, not Tracking Station, to clear that annoying influence. I tested in 1.3 and 1.3.1. Both the same with my 50+ mod pack. For me, KSP never run round and smoothly in modded state. Some "corners" can be worked around with self tweaking/editing/deleting cfg-files, others i never could find out how to avoid. EACH KSP-Installation act different with mixture of same mods, you update one of them, and can have completely varying behavior. For me, i have learnd to live with that. I really love KSP (and all the modders) and sometimes i really hate them. LOL And sometimes to be "Holmes and Watson" digging deep in the heart of KSP can also a funny/interesting part of the game. You learn a lot of how the mechanic work in the hidden background, and that knowledge make me a KSP-"semi-professional". I think, everyone who honestly play KSP should take that apart, because this is (KSP) ROCKET SCIENCE! Finnaly i expect you have QuickGoTo installed?
  3. Like desribed earlier in this thread, you must change the part name in the config. Also you can use "Stock Plugins".
  4. Me live in Austria (Europe), my DMP-Server is hosted at a german hosting site. But, since many weeks, DMP-Server-List tells me, 3554 Kilometers distance to server, with horrible ping. A France server, which is 1.500 km away shows distance and ping 0 (zero!). Also an uptime of 52 % is not right. First "half" of 2017 both was low and i had a couple of random (also experience) player/s. Strange.. and sad to see that. No critics, no bug report, just experienced since last months....
  5. Is there any way (or config) to completely disable KSPedia? Also the Icon in the Stock Toolbar?
  6. Is there any way (or config) to completely disable KSPedia? Also the Icon in the Stock Toolbar?
  7. Thanks. I leave work in half an hour and give the fix a try later@home. some EDITs: 1st without CPUfix in my middle-heavy-modded (110+) career game: VAB gound crew was already disabled. Had around 60 to 80 % CPU load in VAB (i4790k@4.4 all cores without Hyper-Threading -> it seems that is still not good with KSP/Unity) No Lags or any other strange behavior in VAB. (Just the usual 20-minutes-1.1.2-CTD after first startup. 2nd start will stay up for some hours.) Now launching a IKE-science-probe. (Wow, it looks so amazing jerking good with all that grafic mods :p) ... VAB/Launch to LKO = same CPU load. But now CPU monitor shows tales each 6 seconds down to 30-40 %. In free flight (returning from Mün/Minmus) no difference. (Argh.. i hate it.. you hardly concentraed work down your manöver cue list. and then it chrash back to desktop. without any entry in log files... argh.) Need to go to bed now after some hard working days. (Hope my muslim neighbours dont shoot tonight, dont fight aginst each other, hope the patrichat dont slap and violence his 5!!! kids and wife till 2 o'clock in the morning... hope that they dont scream and cry till early morning, hope i can SLEEP!) Conclusion: CPUfix seems to change something that is watchable in a CPU-monitor, "HTOP" or advanced Taskmanager in.. Lubuntu. But in ongoing "game experience" it dont show any "improvement". PS: i am just a serious gamer, need the adventure and challange of the game, would say i am a experienced cfg-editor if they are not to deep into "game mechanics". After 3 hours: 3rd start of game ends (again) in KSC kraken. Need a 4th start. Over and out.
  8. Same here... it needs 1 minute and some more seconds to continue loading. Did you wait long enough or just impatient kill the game when it stops there?
  9. Probably only a fix for Windows (not for Linux)?
  10. You have to empty the temp-folder inside your DMP-savegame. (and maybe inside mod-folder)
  11. This Mod is part oriented. Just dont upgrade your Procedural Parts.
  12. I like the concept (if its wanted or not) that some of the Experiments dont count/give science/finish the Contracts. About of "bad" usage, made mistakes in finishing and finalizing (or simple rounded calc of ksp which you take ongoing in "savegame"). Like real.. when "Propes" dont return results you expect. Specially for the lot of Credits (and Science) you get for a successful recover (or done twice.. when you process first result in MPL). (-> means "clean out experiment" in MPL)
  13. Had a lot of Problems last weeks to MechJeb-Dock to my Science and EPL-Staions around Mun and Minmus. Also with (loosing texture from MPL and wired Station jumps..) Only workaround i could find was quicksave and restart KSP to continue. Now it seems to work correct again. (I never expected that it could be Vens Stock Revamp.) Many many thanks to all user, testers, feedbackers and of course Ven for that really really great mod. (PS: but it doesnt help with the half or full hourly silent quit "back-to-desktop". No crit, just telling.)
  14. Then dont fret modders with you lazyness. Fret pets, wife or kids..
  15. I dont have. And i use 140+ mods. Did you already looked into the log files.. ?
  16. As the owner of ASS told here (if you read the thread) it conflits with code of "For Science". Try same (have backup savegame?) without "For Science" mod. Also try to clean out (manually) your savegame (persistent or autosave) from uninstalled mod/s. Sounds similar to my props i had with them.Did you try to process the results in the "Spectrometron"? (I usually process them to generate Science -> MPL Data. Without both mods, it seems to work fine, unless the "Spectrometron".) Had an 14 hours working day today, need to read your post again after next days (Thursday big event, Friday need some time off...) PS: there is a new "Kraken" out there.. thanks god, that this time i am not the only one i experience.. :-)
  17. Look some posts (page 14/15) above, Mod was updated for latest Station Science. (But me has still massive probs with combination of "StaSci" and "ASS".) (Maybe you can write a report (for curious me) which probs you have in the Station Science Thread.. ?)
  18. Very good luck for this project! (Since Science Alert and Science Containers needs replacements...)
  19. You will need all that science. First, its fun to "babysitting" your stations, Second, you could convert Science into Money. (You will need that later..) Third, you could (like me) use all that Science to "tune" parts with "KRnD". At the beginning i was also surprised/excited about mass Science. But now i can not have enough :p.
  20. Exactly. (For quite full coverage) Around Mun and Minmus (and any other body): Mun/Minmus Sat A -> B C Mun/Minmus Sat B -> A C Mun/Minmus Sat C -> A B plus 1 Antenna back to Kerbin on each. (Or to the Relais if you do that style. See Expert.) If you are Expert you could use a Relais Sat in Orbit of Mun/Minmus (short before/after out of their SOI but in "perfect" orbit). For "full" coverage and wholeless connection (Rover/Stations/Bases... ) you need 3 Sats around a "Body" (ideal in a perfect triangle (with same SMA for avoid desyncing the orbits)). (For that you should look into old RemoteTech wiki/manual for savegame editing, but that also can be seen as "cheating".) If you want 100 % you also need (synced) polar orbited Remote Sats.
  21. Still experiment/investigate that prop: I am afraid that the Spetrometron dont clear down its list. I processed all data (in MPL), sent down to Kerbin. Check with Ship Manisfest = no Science anymore on the Station/Vessel. But Spectrometron still have the (mun) results in list. I can process, but get no more points out of it. All science mods where deinstalled (savegame was cleared and proper), all actions on flight where made manually.
  22. Kerbin Sat A must be connected to B and C. Kerbin Sat B must be connected to A and C. Kerbin Sat C must be connected to A and B. One of them must be connected to KSC. (Is "direct" above in ideal.) All three are in Keostationary Orbit (in ideal.) All three of them must watch to Mun and Minmus. I also put an "Omni 16" on all. I use 5x DTS-M1 plus 2x Communotron 16. Imho the fittest way to build up an all around Kerbin Network.
  23. Maybe with the Debug-Console.. ? (I never tried to reenable lost/missed contracts..)