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  1. I made a launch vehicle that uses only one engine block (a cluster of atmo and vacuo engines) and has a probe core, RCS and a docking port so i can ditch the first stage fuel tank and re dock the engine block to the second stage fuel tank. this negates the need for a second stage engine which can act as a weak point and lead to flipping or RUD. The engine block is also reusable. it makes reusability a lot more easier because your not recovering the first stage while your second stage still needs to burn.
  2. WE HAVE OFFICIALLY REACHED 2017 VIEWS!!!! thank you guys for all the support. I had no idea I could write something that people would actually like. (I actually checked and it said exactly 2017)
  3. Chapter 17-Do Not Go Quiet Bill fell faster and faster. artillery shells flew past him, some missing him narrowly. As Bill hit the upper atmosphere. he started to tumble violently until he settled in a back first formation. A few small reentry flames licked the edges of his wingsuit but did not do any damage due to a heat shield of nanobots. after the flames died down, there was nothing but quiet wind as Bill and the artillery shells both were reduced to terminal velocity, falling in synchronization. The wind went from a whisper to a roar as they hit the lower atmosphere and started to slow down in earnest, falling slower but still at very lethal speeds. The air pressure returned to normal levels, and Bills suit was able to keep up with the loss of pressure. He opened his eyes to find a 1 ton explosive shell hanging over his face. After getting his bearings, he pushed away from the shell and looked down to find the ground alarmingly close. He threw out his arms and almost pulled up in time. Almost. the spire of a skyscraper shredded the rear flap of his wingsuit and Bill tumbled head over heels. He almost lost consciousness a second time from g-forces and could barely see. he closed his eye and waited for the ground to meet him. But the nanobots did not give up so easily. They made rudimentary rocket nozzles and shoved themselves thru with incredible force. Bill decelerated just in time and hovered above the ground for a few seconds, and fell the last foot. The city fell quiet. The Eeleian navy had been driven off by the combined forced of the United Moons of Jool, and the day had been won.
  4. HEY! LISTEN! MOAR STRUTS! edit-no one gets this?
  5. or just hit him with this thing. even if it doesn't hit, you will still delete the universe.
  6. chapter 16- a broken angel (doing chapter names now instead of parts) Bills fingers few over the keyboard, knocking down firewalls and deleting whatever he could. One by one, the artillery batteries fell silent. The user interfaces of the screens on the bridge began to slowly deteriorate. Bill overloaded the life support systems in the ships data bank room and started a fire. The engines holding the ship above the city stopped burning. He was about to get at the communications software when the inner door of the airlock opened. Bill turned and raised his pistol. Standing there with a mad gleam in his eyes, a gyrojet combat shotgun in his hands, and a expression blank of all kermanity, was Anzer kerman, secondary engineer aboard the Zephyr and the leader of the now obvious Eelian coup. "you..." Anzer raised his shotgun Bill fired first. the bullet ripped thru the magazine of the shotgun and sent the cylindrical pushers flying all over the airlock, leaving a expanding cloud of razor shards. Bill kept his pistol trained on Anzer. "By krakens, what happened to you?" Anzer blinked multiple times, recovering from shell shock. "Space, Bill. This krakenforsaken empty void is what happened to me. Its ironic, isn't it? Space gave you a name, and now its going to kill you." Anzer lunged at Bill, and they both tumbled out of the airlock into space. Anzer was about to slam down on bills faceplate with the butt of his shotgun when Bill felt a sharp pain in his gut and was torn away from anzer by a unknown force. Bill looked down and saw air hissing from his suit, acting like a rocket and accelerating him towards laythe. Anzer had the same problem, he was just being trust back into the airlock. In the middle of the two, a bloody glinting razor shard from anzers shotgun that had become pinned between the two when anzer tackled Bill. The hissing was growing fainter, and Bills vision darker, until Bill Kerman slipped into unconsciousness. A broken angel, falling from the heavens.
  7. a crossover could be feasible, but it would probably have to be 3 people or less, and it would be very slow to update. Just look at what happened to kollaborative warfare.
  8. ahh, i use that island as a landing site for aborted shuttles.
  9. wishing you best of luck with your cat, Jim. hope everything tuns out OK. not quite...(wait, how did you get in here again?) I did find a bunch of empty mason jars and a overturned car in the middle of the woods though. The weird part was that.....
  10. As a real life resident of oregon, I can confirm that some messed up stuff happens round these parts (I live in the woods south of Sandy, Oregon)
  11. chapter 15 part 2 Blur. Pain. Burn. Bill came to his senses lying facedown on the pavement. He rolled onto his back to find himself looking up at blazing skyscrapers. He lay there, waiting to die. If he ran, the battle drones would notice him and kill him. If he did not, eventually they would still kill him. This is how it was going to end. He was a engineer, going to be killed by machines. How Ironic. A spray of tracers flew over him, aimed at a group of soldiers down the street. The drone hovered over him, too busy killing laythiens to notice him. That was when he lunged. With all his remaining strength, he ripped the back panel off the drone and emptied his magazine into the now exposed electronics. One of those bullets hit somthing critical and the drone fell lifeless to the ground. Bill grabbed the edges of the hole and pulled the dead machine into cover. He ripped out anything devoted to autonomous control but left the motor controllers and power supply. He had his nanobots figure out the rest, building switches and levers to allow Bill to control it. He grabbed a helmet from a fallen Eeleian trooper and fastened it to his suit with nanobots. A person standing on the outside of the city would have seen a peculiar sight. The flashes of gunfire ripping the buildings apart from the inside, the artillery shells raining down from the fleet above, and a point of light, ascending through the mayhem, starbound. Bill was trying to slow down. He had badly misjudged when he should do so and was coming in hot. But as he was doing so, he was thinking about how to get inside the battleship. And he laid in a heading and let go of his impromptu booster, nanobots scurrying back up his arms to form reaction wheels. The drone crashed into a service docking port and punched thru. To avoid splatting like a bug on a windshield, Bill vented some of the gas from his unused jet engines. He set down inside the airlock, hooked in his vr glasses, and started hacking away. -Finals are over, school is almost done, and summer awaits. prepare for more Year 312!-
  13. don't forget that ice is a critical terraforming ingredient (im looking at you, Eeloo. I'm coming for you)