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  1. Looks amazing can't wait to check it out! Does it work in 1.2.2? Edit: Yes it does! Can't wait to try all the rings
  2. That looks great! Can I use it as a Google Sites background?
  3. Is there any way to disable the requirements for a precooler after an intake? Thanks.
  4. The pod is in between the tentacles behind the Tweakscale enlarged nosecone
  5. So I thought this thread was nice and I wanted to make another one because it is extremely old. I'm kinda new to online forums in general so please don't judge. Here is mine: It flies by means of a lot of wings clipped inside
  6. Well, this is not too original but it is 100% homemade!
  7. Here we have a blurred out image of KIR. The other posts make this one look pathetic but here we have it.
  8. Granted but farther aside is a killer whale. Good luck! I wish I had a plane
  9. Granted, you are now the shark. I wish my potato would grow