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  1. That sounds like you've got a mod for 1.3. There have been some issues with CKAN installing 1.3 mods despite telling it you only want 1.2.2 mods, but I'm not sure how many of them are fixed. Since you mentioned SSTU, did you get the 1.2.2. version? Last 1.2.2 compatible release is It could be another mod too though.
  2. I think the current master branch shouldn't break saves, but you'd best back up your save. Download as zip, and then extract the RealismOverhaul folder into your gamedata. You should remove the existing Realism Overhaul folder before that though. Alternatively you can cherry pick the SSTU files. I'm currently playing on the updated Master branch, and it's definately stable, but I started a new game for that, so I can't tell you from experience how it is with regards to breaking saves.
  3. You'll probably need to provide some logs if anyone's going to figure out what could be wrong.
  4. @pap1723 is there any chance you can make those warnings in a different colour to make them stand out? Generally, I love the warnings on the new contracts, like the Molniya orbit. And I'd suggest adding warnings about antennas to especially the early interplanetary flyby missions too. Perhaps even to the first lunar flyby contracts too. I think that's one of the things, that'll throw new players off.
  5. I'm sorry, I think you're misunderstanding me. I agree that flag planting in itself makes no sense. I think that being forced to upgrade your AC before doing a manned landing on the moon is a good idea. I also think that either hard or soft requirements (on requiring buildings or tech or whatnot) on missions are good. But I think the contracts need to do a better job at explaining what you need.
  6. I can assure you that you will need to upgrade your launchpad, and more than once, before you can send a moon to the moon, even as spam-in-a-can. My point is, I don't mind having a hard coded boolean that you need to upgrade the AC before sending a man to the moon. I completely agree that flag planting makes no sense in itself, and you can always discuss if gating is good game design or not, but in my view it serves its purpose of forcing you to spend money to upgrade and forcing you to plan ahead. What it doesn't do is provide a reason that will suspend disbelief, nor does it do a very g
  7. The first solution raises another issue: "Why don't I get the crewed moon landing offered?", and having to know you won't get it offered until you've upgraded your Astronaut Complex. It's not really too dissimilar to figuring out "Oh wow, this moon lander requires me to send x tons to orbit, and that requires a bigger launcher and while I can probably get the tech if I focus on it, the LV will weigh so much I need to upgrade my pads and I can't make that in time". It's also akin to taking contracts with specific orbits, which are the majority of contracts in the next release, and forgetti
  8. Right now the big issue with installing is that CKAN is giving you 1.3 mods that'll break the game (won't even start). As for installing manually, I don't find it difficult, but I can understand why it might not be the easiest. About the difficulty spike from stock, that's always been there, and it's one of the defining things about Realism Overhaul. I can't see any forgiving mechanics being introduced as that'd basically be reverting back to stock mechanics. RP-0 doesn't really make the game more difficult, it just changes career a lot and makes it more streamlined. Especially with the n
  9. The Merlin's already included. About the Raptor, there's a preliminary general MM patch for it in RO, but no part packs that provide it. So for it to make an appearance in RP-0 it needs some parts pack to make it and then for someone to make an MM patch for it in RO and finally someone needs to guess the cost and place it in the tech tree in RP-0. Of course, some of these feats are quite difficult as it hasn't actually been made yet.
  10. I'm honestly not certain. Looking at the file structure, it seems it's modular, so you should be able to get away with just FASA\Gemini2\FASA_Gemini_Pod2.
  11. Perhaps you only have TantaresLV and lack the pack with the pods etc? Edit: Finally got to my PC. You're absolutely right, it's not part of Tantares. But for some reason, there's an MM patch for it in RO. It might've been in the past. From what I can see in https://github.com/KSP-RO/FASA-RO/releases, there's some hope if all you want is the capsule.
  12. I don't have the game in front of me, but checking the cfgs and tech tree on github, I'm very certain that Tantares has a Gemini capsule (there is at least an MM patch for it in RO), and it's placed in 2nd generation capsules, as opposed to 3rd generation capsules for the Apollo. Mercury would be first generation. Edit: The partname for the Tantares Gemini capsule is Spica_Crew_A.
  13. Tantares should have 2 seater Gemini and Soyuz capsules. Other than that, FASA has a Gemini capsule, but I'm not sure how much of FASA is currently working. Both are supported in RP-0.
  14. I'm not sure if you refer to Science Alert or [x] Science!, but I use both. I've also added my mod list to the thread.
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