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  1. The hitch parts use Tech level Coupling however their is no tech level coupling in either stock or CTT therefore if you are playing Science or Carrear they don't show up. Edit: I would add a pull request or issue tracker but I cannot find a Github. Edit 2: The line of code is "TechRequired = Coupling" with as far as I can tell points to nothing
  2. I removed Final Frontier, even started a new game after, it still happens. It has to do with active limit being reached and new contracts being blocked.
  3. Can someone tell me if this is a bug or a improper install? It causes bad lag during time warp with all the spam. Those bits in the log happen every second or so during warp.
  4. I just deleted the whole Trumpet and it works fine for me. It only really matters it you want to make a Stuka with sound but.... you're S.O.L till the current release come out of testing (I don't mean to push the Mod auther, I'm just tell everyone to be patient) and if you can't wait then like I said... S.O.L
  5. I did notice it's lightly smaller but that just means it's easier to put in a fairing
  6. Is the CEV the same as your other mod?
  7. No problem, you replied within 24 hour, anything under a week is acceptalbe in my books. Less than a day shows how much you care for your users. Keep up the great work.
  8. Could it have been an attempt to add an WEP (War Emergency Power) setting to some of the engine and never got around to it? Either way Thanks for the reply and for the nice little chart with litting capacity, now it's easier to make my Cargo Helicopters.
  9. How do I target it then? or where is it? Edit: Found out that thing don't show up in the list after you take a contract if you never leave the ship. I use a mod that lets me take contract mid-flight.
  10. What/Where is the Twin Clouds? I have no Planet Packs installed and have a contract to take a picture of it.
  11. The KT6C "Kitty" engine has 3 options under the AG menu, Cargo Throttle, Hover Throttle and Normal Throttle What do they do? I've tried them and I didn't Notice anything, does it change the sensitivity of the throttle? Edit: KT6A "Kitty" Doesn't have those options. The KT6C is the tilt rotar while the KT6C "Kitty" isn't. Edit 2: Both the RR K56 "Titan" and the KP-12 "Bear" have these options but no other Airplane Plus engines do. The KT6C is the tilt rotar while the others are not. Edit 3: On a side note, after playing around with the KT6C It would be nice to have a Half deploy
  12. Is there a document the tells you what each colour does and or what each in-flight marker means? I have figured out what all but the green marker means in flight.
  13. Is it also compatible with USI-LS or only TAC-LS?
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