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  1. Sorry for the controversy folks. I was just trying to give back to the community in case anyone wanted to try it out. I spent well over an hour sorting through different parts to make it easier for people to only grab the parts they needed, had no idea people would become so flustered over it. Regarding this... 'For anyone who doesn\'t know. You only need to post the .craft file found in your ksp/ships folder. If it uses mods just list the mods used. Other members will find them all.' The game really needs better mod support to make it easier to give due credit. I used so many different parts
  2. I agree, it should probably be moved now that I\'ve included a download of the ship. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Here is the craft file and parts used: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17655862/Lunar%20Expedition%20VI.rar
  4. This rocket is designed to put a satellite into Kerbin orbit, land on the Mün, cruise around on the lunar surface indefinitely, and return home again. The spacecraft converts to a lunar rover with renewable power via solar panel mod. Early on I flipped going too fast and lost two solar panels but the other two kept me charged the whole time. The runners act as a roll cage and the rover module can be operated from any side and can self-right with RCS thrusters. Many thanks to the creators of the mods I pieced together to make this happen. Craft+Parts: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17655862/Lunar%2
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