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  1. Baris Appreciation Thread

    This was a really good response, and I think it is so painful to see this one go because it is so complex, well thought out, and deep in its ambitions. BARIS completely changes how you play the game, and I think a lot of the issues came from a misunderstanding of that fact.I hope that he decides to reopen the thread and to share it with the community once again, because, frankly, I would like to see a streamer or Youtuber use this in a series.
  2. Take your KSP folder from steam/steamapps/common/kerbalspaceprogram, Ctrl-C, create a new folder somewhere else, ctrl-v.
  3. [1.3] Lockheed Kerbin CEV 0.1 [2017-06-03]

    Looks amazing! I love it!
  4. Congrats on the first plugin! Very useful!
  5. [1.3] MaErDa Corp : Dev Blog V0.97

    Did you actually make that rocket?
  6. [KSP 1.3] Stock Size Real Solar System []

    Wow.... Hot dang. This is very impressive!
  7. [1.3] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    Yes! I would totally love to use a paraglider for my space program!
  8. Eclipse Megamovie 2017

    I've seen it before, but my friends have 3 balloon launches under our belt nd seeing this penumbra would be a real treat.
  9. Eclipse Megamovie 2017

    Awesome! If all goes to plan some friends and I will be driving down to Tennesee to view the eclipse. We will also be sending up a weather balloon with a camera and try to see if we can capture the edge of the eclipse's shadow from 100,000 feet.
  10. Beginning of a Mod: The Kerbal Biographier

    I love this idea! This will be great for cinematics and roleplayers like me. If you need some flavor text or ideas, message me because I'd be happy to flex my writing muscles.
  11. [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.8 shaken, not stirred

    Sorry for my assertion about lacking organization, I have not used the latest release of Contares. I appreciate the increased organization.