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  1. Absolutely, I need to reiterate how awesome the whole KSP team was to work with on this!
  2. Hi everyone! My college rocket team is putting on a podcast called the Midwest Rocketry Forum this fall, and for our second episode I got to sit down with Nate Simpson and Paul Furio of the KSP2 team to discuss the game. Tune in to learn some new things about the game! You can listen to the podcast on our website here, or on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, which the website has links to. Let me know what you think, and if you are interested, register on our website to get alerts for future episodes!
  3. Congrats! This one has definitely been a long time coming. Can't wait to play with a bunch of this stuff.
  4. Loving the new update! Finally I have a reason to use these parts haha. Seeing everything at reStock standards has been a real treat for sure.
  5. The release screenshots we're compiled from a number of people with different visual packs in their installs, including my own that has SVE, scatterer, planetshine, and KS3P.
  6. The issue with the Scout I find more in gameplay is getting things to fit within that small fairing, because I absolutely despise unrealistic fairing size. It's definitely a super fun launcher to fly though when I have a payload that can fit on it.
  7. From a tester/screenshot monkey's perspective it's crazy how much of a difference Restock makes when designing missions. Upping the quality on all parts and adding useful part variants makes stock gameplay feel a whole lot less limiting. Major props to the art team here, @Nertea and @cineboxandrew have tackled a truly amazing amount of work so far.
  8. I second this, massive step up in the art direction here. Unfortunately, I have a hard time with how inconsistent the styling is with the revamp parts, and it looks like it will end up in the trap of the game before the revamp where there are multiple art styles that don't mesh at all.
  9. First! Glad to see that this mod is getting some love again, it was always a crucial part of an install. I'm trying to put one together again and will probably post about my efforts later tonight. Problems that need to be worked out at the moment are chiefly that the KSC spawns underground and finding a way to fix that.
  10. I believe it's broken in the newest update, but Rescale is just a set of SD configs and it's only marginally more difficult to set the scaleyourself. The readme for sigma is quite good.
  11. You'll need to download the latest versions of Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions, Sigma Dimensions will allow you to customize the scale of your solar system through some easy cfg file adjustments (I think the exact file is settings.cfg). Ones that work really great for BDB are 2.5x resize and 2.5x rescale. Once you go rescaled, you'll never go back.
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