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  1. 1 minute ago, d4harp said:

    Whoever is in charge of screenshots/promo pictures, do you mind listing which visual mods you have installed? (Assuming it's not a custom private config) These pictures look beautiful!

    The release screenshots we're compiled from a number of people with different visual packs in their installs, including my own that has SVE, scatterer, planetshine, and KS3P. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, CobaltWolf said:

    Ant and Spider are looking fantastic y'all, that's what I like to see.

    I second this, massive step up in the art direction here. Unfortunately, I have a hard time with how inconsistent the styling is with the revamp parts, and it looks like it will end up in the trap of the game before the revamp where there are multiple art styles that don't mesh at all.

  3. First! Glad to see that this mod is getting some love again, it was always a crucial part of an install. I'm trying to put one together again and will probably post about my efforts later tonight. Problems that need to be worked out at the moment are chiefly that the KSC spawns underground and finding a way to fix that.

  4. 20 minutes ago, DriftNasty said:

    I am not using a rescaled system but I do modify the thrust and fuel loads to better approximate the flights. How would I go about rescaling the system to match better? It might be worth it to start a new save using the rescaled system. I'm not that far in.

    You'll need to download  the latest versions of Kopernicus and Sigma Dimensions, Sigma Dimensions will allow you to customize the scale of your solar system through some easy cfg file adjustments (I think the exact file is settings.cfg). Ones that work really great for BDB are 2.5x resize and 2.5x rescale. Once you go rescaled, you'll never go back.

  5. 1 hour ago, macktruck6666 said:

    I don't have much experience with anything, i just est and analyze until i figure stuff out through deduction.

    Okay will try upping the reflective part to 99% just to see if it affects anything. Currently explode at 76km coming in from 300km orbit

    Okay will try setting the direction 0,0,0 applies the heat shield to the entire craft so the bonus may not be applying or be enough

    I will have already significantly alter the mass of the craft but will likely have to alter the mass distribution further. At about 80km altitude it flips even at a pitch of 20 degress. For reference the space shuttle re-entered at something like 40-45 degrees. I think i may need to make it more nose heavy.

    We had the same exact issue with balancing the BFR and adjusting the COM of the engines was a big part of making it work. Also install correct col for better visualizing body lift in the editor. Good luck and I'd love to see success so we can alter stock balance.

  6. 3 hours ago, DJ Reonic said:

    Using the 2.5x config in a 2.5x rescaled system, I feel like the SRB's drop way too early. I'm usually still near-vertical when the SRB's fall off, but in a stock system with the default config, the SRB's come off about where I'd expect them to. Anyone else noticing this?

    Are you using the default craft files? You will need to manually replace the boosters if you are, then they will have the patched values.