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  1. Yep. Also using GPP on a 3.2x rescale. I'd say that's a reasonable explanation.
  2. Should the music choices for each planet work with alternate solar systems?
  3. awesome. I'll probably get back with some tomorrow.
  4. @JadeOfMaar is stock or stock-alike parts a requirement?
  5. here you go @linuxgurugamer Management tab is totally blank
  6. There are two vernier engines inside the Sarnus 1c. If you use the translate gizmo then you can pull them out of the mount and you'll be fine.
  7. Hello. First off I love the idea of this mod, but it does not seem to be working. The toolbar icon loads and the government selection screen shows up upon starting a career, but it will not allow me to actually confirm my selection. Additionally, all the tabs for the toolbar app work, but appear blank. I currently have more than 50 mods in my install so that might be the case but I do not see any incompatibilities listed on this thread.
  8. Screenshots of my 3.2x GPP save! The automated assembly of Independence Station and its first expedition. Expedition One visits the station in its initial operational configuration.
  9. Moar Screenshots! The automated assembly of Independence Station and its first expedition. Expedition One visits the station in its initial operational configuration.
  10. Looks great! Are you going to submit a pull request along with your other parts? @Rory Yammomoto what did you do to make your Spacelab? CX aerospace rescale?
  11. Hello all. I'm considering starting my own repair/ship resupply mod, the link for my idea is here. I know that USI-LS used to have code for a wear mechanic, which would be very useful for my purposes. Where should I look to find this?
  12. Sounds good. I should probably learn some C# too, I'm not sure Module-manager patches alone will suffice
  13. @Blaarkies I get where you're coming from. Maybe additional science experiments that can only be performed by Kerbals? Long term station or base science? And I'm actually quite proud of the fact that my idea would make probes break down over time.
  14. Yeah, essentially. I was looking for a different angle to approach the problem from and I think I'm happy with it. If there's enough interest I would love to dive in and make it.
  15. Notice that in my post I prioritized gameplay over realism. Often sending crew missions is more fun and more challenging. It makes sense not to penalize that.
  16. @winged this is awesome! I find the Orion Mars mission is awesome and I'm looking forward to another one of your epic videos.
  17. I have tried out many life support mods in the past, but none of them were just right for me. Even USI-LS, with all its configurability, is a bit too unfriendly in Career mode, where often it ends up that probes are much more viable than crewed missions. I have no experience modding or coding in C#, but with interest, help, and a little more time on my hands I would love to try. My concept aims to encourage resupply missions without mandating them, as well as encouraging big, multi crew motherships without pesky hab requirements. My concept is here if anyone has feedback on it.
  18. @Drakenex I made a rescaled version of the AARDV module that is a decent replacement. I'm at school right now so I can't share, but when I get home I will. EDIT: Nevermind. I saw you didn't want to use the AARDV texture. I would say that a CX node module rescaled would probably be your best bet here. The node module doesn't have handrails built in IIRC
  19. Totally agree with @minepagan. Love the rescales and my program, as you can see from my screenshots, wouldn't be complete without them.