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  1. Well, hope it works, will message here when I get a result
  2. @JadeOfMaar I changed both the name and title, yet it STILL overwrites the regular Fuel Cell!
  3. Ohhh I forgot to change the TITLE xD Thanks I made some changes, and made it produce heat so it isn't op.
  4. @JadeOfMaar I made a new resource called Biomass that can be stored in Biomass Containers then put through a BioFuelConverter which Converts Biomass and oxidizer into Liquid Fuel My only problem is that I copied the fuel cell to make the BioFuelConverter, but it just overwrote the fuel cell :|
  5. It might be a while before any results come up though
  6. I intend on making a resource that you can drill from the ground, then send it to a refinery to make liquid fuel.
  7. Main questions, how do I make a new ore, then have that ore show up on every planet but jool and kerbin, and what does the "ResourceType" value do? I tried searching, but all I found was an old thread that didn't mention "ResourceType"
  8. My latest mod will include a modular file system that allows you to implement the parts, tweaks, and other stuff that you want, without adding what you don't want! I currently am about to start working on this mod, It will features new parts, optional tweaks to prior parts, optional tweaks to KSP's GUI, and maybe more! Join the discord to get notified as the mods development begins: https://discord.gg/SmrYv8p Made a small bit of progress. This first part in the mod! Theres a new ore called Biomass that can be put into tanks, then put into this part to produce liquid fuel!
  9. if you want, you may use the old KGR server for this mod Have you developed enough for a download link yet? Theres a few people willing to test it at this point. @TrooperTK_0421
  10. Working on a new project soon!

  11. Ive decided to scrap this project, too much work to make it better than the others, so I wil be working on a new project that is smaller and more managable.
  12. You can use any names, textures, or files from my mod for this.... mainly because im not working on my mod anymore. Im starting a new project...
  13. Thats always happened, right now you need to get there in a legit way
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