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  1. 0/10 cause I havent been on the forums in two years
  2. Today I went back and revitalized my ancient 1.1.2 save with my mega jool mission and am sending almost 20 craft there.... should be fun!
  3. Man it has sure been a while since I was on! @katateochi I've been liking the KerbalX updates!
  4. Odd, same for me. It occurs on both the first edit page, and the normal one. Glad to know I'm not the only one noticing it. I too and using chrome for this, but six months ago, it worked fine, I wonder what happened....
  5. Very low indeed But I found another thing, why does the site freeze when I try to add tags on my craft? It didnt used to do that but I made a new upload, and I hit space after typing my usual CMAU tag, and it froze my browser... idk whats wrong Any ideas?
  6. @katateochi Found a small bug with the little rocket that scrolls to the top of the page. If I scroll down fast enough, the rocket can still go below the pad: It is way better than it used to be, but it is still there. This is of course minor lol, but thought you'd like to know.
  7. Thanks, I'm glad you like them! I decided to go with Sentinel for the second one, and I got the two of them side by side: https://imgur.com/a/lOBJ2 and one is definitely bigger lol. Any way you can think either of them can be improved?
  8. I wouldnt put it past him to include it, but honestly, I think you're fine. The likely-hood is small it seems. Meanwhile, in my long absence I have made two stock space battleships I was rather proud of. The first one is an Azimov class destroyer named the Spectre, ( https://kerbalx.com/Mycroft_33/Spectre ) and the second is as yet unnamed, https://imgur.com/a/WRSia , and I wanted feedback on how good these ships seemed. Anyone? Thanks, Mycroft
  9. Thought: If the mod is like completely required for legacy, why not package it in the download? Or is that a dumb question?
  10. Thanks Jade! Yeah if a mod isnt working, add more! I figured it might be something like that, installling community resource pack now. Also I saw that SOMEBODY was listed as an OPT dev! Congrats! Yay it worked, thanks!
  11. Hi, so I know its been a while but I FINALLY got a new computer! Yay! So of course I had to install KSP, right? And then duh I have to install my favorite mod, OPT! First I confirmed it launched stock, then when I popped OPT normal and legacy with all bundled mods and ships, (basically FireSpitter) and the game got a null ref on the part OPT_Legacy/Parts/Engines/SAGE/OPT_SAGE/opt_sage. I'd provide the log, but tbh, its been a while and I forgot where it was. I'll upload it if someone shows me where it is. Thanks, hope you all have a wonderful day! I'm off to bed for now.
  12. That would be it. Firespitter is a mod required to make the fuel tank setup work. Without it the mod has nullrefs.
  13. I do not know, just that context is important I dont personally have 1.3.
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