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  1. yes but it won't count except for against other planes in the same atmosphere
  2. who else agrees they should add a dock to the space center, even though this is ksp
  3. sorry I've been away so long forgot my password but so far dual desert eagle is winning by a mile (3 m/s roughly) also dualdesertEagle you are fine its valid
  4. no what I meant is no downward while level so you're fine
  5. create a plane that can fly, completely fly, the slowest possible plane show the highest speed in a crash log picture. rules are no tweakscale, size doesnt matter, thats not what she said, no vtol and no mods/plugins, no downwards thrusters or forward thrusters
  6. you might want to try putting wings on the land piece with a what I believe to be a 10-degree downward angle
  7. no actually this was because I wanted a kite in ksp but couldnt find any so i made a challenge so i could see some people try it out
  8. try using the kas mod to make a kite rules are no mods other than kas must always have a part touching the ground and no engines on the flying part i will make one and whoever is fastest wins