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  1. This mod seems to limit the Sun's SOI, without reparenting it. What happens when you leave it? Are you literally not orbiting anything, and are you sure this is a good idea concerning the internal game mechanics? Thanks for this interesting mod
  2. The shaking is the second coolest part of this, right after the gravitational lensing imo
  3. Hey guys, does anybody know what value in a scatterer config file could cause the night sky of a planet to have a bright rim like this? I'm playing around with scatterer configs and I do not seem to find the value that turns this off, and lets the dark side of this planet be realistically black. Thanks for any hints.
  4. I got some weird problem: I'm using the ScienceOnly config, and somehow my probe in low orbit can not transmit any science. Its packed full of data, but as seen in below screenshot the "max transmission rate" is still "none" Has anyone ever experienced this? Any possible known reason? How is "max transmission rate" calculated? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey, thanks for this awesome planet pack! I'm really enjoying it. I was daunted by the warning at the front page to try this with other planet packs that add distant stars, and I have to report that this is compatible to Extrasolar and almost compatible to Galaxies Unbound (for GU, you have to get rid of their SunRescale either by ModuleManager or by deleting the file). I now have a small star cluster to explore!
  6. is it possible to uninstall this mod without breaking a save? I uninstalled to see the difference for a plane I made, and now my parachutes won't open anymore...
  7. Hey, is this mod not compatible to JNSQ + GEP_JNSQ or am I doing something wrong?
  8. The downloads are all dead. So it may still work theoretically, but nobody would gain something from it.
  9. OPM is not a extrasolar pack, it doesn't add another star. And since when does JNSQ have support for it? I skimmed through their github but can't find the patch... My favorite extrasolar packs were Extrasolar by AndrewDraws and KSS by StarCrusher96, but both are no longer developed. Grannus Expansion Pack is another beutiful mod, still actively developed and excels at being compatilble to almost everything (well, except for JNSQ in terms of visuals), thats why I'm using it right now. So I can recommend that. Its also not that huge, so it won't eat your PC alive. JNSQ wi
  10. In addition to my last feature request, would you also consider adding support for WildBlueIndustries "Pathfinder"? Or is dealing with the re-configurable parts beyond the scope you intended?
  11. I'm sorry to hear that, but still thank you for the answer
  12. Do you plan on adding support for other planet packs? I would love to add a rescaled GPP to this as a neighbouring star system, or even galaxies unbound. However, it seems like JSNQ overrides scatterer settings of every other planet pack...
  13. Hi, I recently discovered this mod, and its awesome. Would you consider adding support for the mod "Deep Space Exploration Vessels" (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/122162-17x-deep-space-exploration-vessels-build-nasa-inspired-ships-in-ksp/)? It adds quite a few fusion-based engines that do not get the Kerbal Health "radiation" module applied, making the game very easy in lategame
  14. Thank you for the quick response. I will try this. Does this explain the missing burn estimates also?
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