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  1. to the first bit, i was not aware that those were not supposed to be checked off, because every time I close and reopen the program, they check. as the the glitch, I clicked "add available updates" and that's when it went nuts. seems to have gotten over it though, because that pop up didn't even show when I tried to make it do it again.
  2. Okay, I don't know if I pushed a wrong button or something, but after I upgraded to the current build of this, everytime I try to do anything, Ckan wants to pull all my mods. everything is labeled "remove" with reason "auto-installed, depending modules removed", and no matter what I do, it keeps coming back that way. Also, the darn thing got stuck in a loop. It was so in a panic about an incompatible dependency ("B9PartSwitch" for "Near Future Solar"), that right after I hit dismiss on the error pop up, it pops right back up again, locking out everything and preventing
  3. would seem to me the crux of the argument is whether her wife cut McClain out of the account in some way, shape or form.
  4. Over the past few weeks (haven’t had a lot of time due to things going up a creek without a paddle at work), I’ve constructed a modular station in orbit of the Mun and have begun making shuttle flights between the station and the mun’s surface with a reusable lunar module.
  5. This is the same complaining I’ve seen all over the the internet when it comes to players dealing with the publishers. If you want to know why the EULA is so wide reaching and especially towards modding... remember who you’re dealing with and then these two words: Hot Coffee....
  6. Jeb abusing the new parachutes by jumping off the top of the VAB
  7. It's a meta-referncial paradox. nx01 is named after the OV101 which is named after 1701 which in universe was probably named after the NX01. though really the series got its name because the writers were tired of everything being "Star Trek Colon Something" and wanted to go a different angle, a nessesity on a long running show if you ask me*. They said to themselves "What word will envoke the idea of Star Trek without actually saying it?" Hence why the show was just titled "Enterprise" for two seasons. * awesome example I read this week about is the
  8. And I really don't think that's fair to the Klingons to shoehorn them into such a role. You want a Far right allegory in Trek, you call the Cardasians. The thing about the Klingons many overlook, and most alien species, is how much of their behavior falls under what TV tropes calls "Blue and Orange Morailty". They felt threatened by the "Federation" because from their viewpoint, it's a "Human Empire" because democratic, republican methods of government are almost alien to them. (To offer a real world comparison, the British monarchists who say a republic was tried once, unde
  9. Except we were told this show is set in the Prime Timeline, as in the original where all the TV shows have been set.
  10. The Klingons were "redesigned" but the old look is still canon thanks to Enterprise and the augment virus. Here, the creators have gone on record that all Klingons will in the show will look like the ones in episode one. Simple continuity issue this causes; Where is their hair? The sword of Kahless was supposed to have forged from Kahless' hair. So ether A, the producers have got themselves in a plot hole or b, they've written off one the most sacred relics of the Klingons and a great DS9 Worf focus episode. there is no logical reason to put the "Walker"-Class bridge module under t
  11. ...You side with Ancient Egypt!?! Someone alert Linkara! (cookie if you get the joke)
  12. Unfortunately she's got company from actor Jason Isaacs, best known as Luicus Malfoy, as the captain of the USS Discovery.
  13. General complaints: what did they do to the Klingons? We've grown to adore the Klingon aesthetic that's devolved over the past 50 years. Those look more like Remans. Why are they giving Spock an adopted sister? Then again he's already got a brother he never mentioned. Par for the Course I guess. Why is the Shenzhou's saucer designed upside down? Why is the bridge on the bottom!?! Why is the show called Discovery when the only episode you air on US broadcast TV doesn't feature the ship? Why did they including a character who's "evolved to sense the coming of death" and
  14. I'll just leave this here to explain TL:DW I'm an absloute nut for a long running Japanese super hero show
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