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  1. Well I Didn't break ksp but did break the map and camera..there's a difference. Anyways I did it with hyper edit and a lot of zer0s. (Game crashed 2 minutes after and I started this while it was broken )
  2. I have heard the 1.1 is out but i can't seem to figure out how to get it because a have ksp already but it's 1.05 can someone help me?
  3. The mod itself doesn't really work... the only thing it really does is break kerbin, camera movement, and any other control (Even Esc menu) Please help
  4. I have latest module manager ( After earth ending to game breaking problems) and what is etc? I don't think there are other mods to cause mass destruction rather than game crashes.
  5. Well... basically I've tried some weapon mods (I say some because I don't know how many) and it crashes the world (BD Armory), breaks the camera (Lazor guided weapons), or just does no destruction and has lights no explosions (Skillful Weapons). I want to know what mod has working, not game breaking weapons or how to fix some-most of these.