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  1. no sadly, I only have the demo.
  2. I left a kerbal on the mün and the other two that were going back home exploded out of nowhere. wtf. but its time for a rescue mission.
  3. Edited the files for demo parts for insane crash tolerance, and more fuel. also broke the demo because of it and had to get a new one. But now I can build a tiny shuttle -rocket- that can go to minmus. (If i can ever get the orbit right.)
  4. k Although I do feel a bit jealous that I'm about the only one that only has the demo.
  5. Again, I'm sorry. I just play the demo because I can't get the full version, and I just mostly have questions about the demo. And I wish I could mod it because I'm sick of only working with 25 parts. so far the only thing I've been able to do is make edited copies of stock parts. I.e. : T-200 fuel tank, which I changed its mass to 0 and put an insane amount of fuel in it. and for MY questions, I mostly don't know where to put them.
  6. hmmm. seems legit. just tried it. idk I it'll work tho. NOPE.
  7. Alright, so I have a ridiculous question. would it be possible... to swap out a part completely.. for a part from a mod...? I don't know because I don't know crap.
  8. also, Alex, I just use the Winglets as wings for my "Shuttles". then I just put other stuff on it. *Shrug*
  9. sorry, Vanamonde. I'm new here and I don't know much. I'm sorry.
  10. Does anyone know how how to make something similar to a shuttle in the 0.0.813 version of the demo? there's no sph so I just build a rocket, put wings and utility on it, and I have my shuttle. but does anyone know how to make an actual good one? maybe one that can get into space?
  11. and thanks for the suggestion, i put it in gamedata
  12. okay, so I was playing the ksp demo because I'm poor, and I got sick and tired of just 25 parts. so I put two mods I downloaded into the plugins folder for the demo, but... I know the demo is designed to only work with the parts it has, but the flags from the mods showed up. why is that? If the flags went in, why not the parts? Someone please answer my question. .-.
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