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  1. Hey, is there a way to get clouds on the planets with atmosphere?
  2. Same! I found infinite electricity is the only way to fix it for now. Im on 1.3.1
  3. Anyone else kerbals dying from oxygen toxicity randomly even though the bases are in sunlight with active solar panels?
  4. I think im stupid. I think I got 32bit ksp but didn't notice since in launcher settings I put it to launch 64bit. Installing 64bit game now. Sorry for wasting your time.. Are most of the stars not suppost to have planets?
  5. This is how my gamedata looks like. All I can assume is that I installed it incorrectly. Am I suppose to put anything inside kopernicus?
  6. 12gb of ram and yes the files are there It only starts without flight modular when i have the mod installed, but with the flight modular installed it only works without KSS I believe this mod is broken... This crash still occurs with no mods installed. IF you want do a new ksp 1.3.1 install and add kopernicus with its flight modular , and the basic pack of this mod and it should happen. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4yexi67owh2bk75/output_log.txt new log
  7. I removed that, now it starts with the basic pack installed and kopernicus but no stars.
  8. Ugh fine crash occurs even with no mods installed besides KSS New ksp 1.3.1 install Kopernicus newest version crashes with base file Crash occurs when I finish loading up the game and while it loads the last part there is a crash picture of crash https://imgur.com/a/Se8y7
  9. Could be specific which log theres 3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4yexi67owh2bk75/output_log.txt there u go
  10. Hey, whenever I try to install this mod on ksp 1.3.1 with correct kopernicus on a stock game, it crashes at loading screen.
  11. I found a way to fix this, what you have to do Is change the star from orbiting kerbol, to orbiting lich, sadly I could not figure out how to move lich without it effecting the orbits, but this gets all the stars to close, or far distances if you want.
  12. It is normal, its not really a big deal since they are SO far away they will most likely not move around in their orbit.
  13. Hey I was wondering if I could edit the orbits to make them farther without messing the sphere of influences because whenever I move Cervantes in hyperedit it causes all ships to only have a sphere of influence with it and not anything else
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