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  1. Does this include the dragon v2 and if not can anyone tell me if there is one out there? I prefer karts work but I need the complete set.
  2. Is this going to be a new thing now where everyone thinks that questions do not belong in this thread? Kopernicus is a part of KSPRC and he is not even sure what is causing the terrain scatter issue! If people can not come here to receive help with KSPRC, what is the point of this forum?
  3. Well when you piece together mods, it's hard to tell where to get help with it. I use your SVE with my KSPRC, so in my opinion i can get help in either forum. If you or Proot don't want that to happen, i am happy to find another way to get help. (love your work Nhawk!)
  4. They were replacing the EVE config that comes with KSPRC with Nhawk17's SVE cloud configs, so you are wrong. Pls DM me and do not argue here in this forum.
  5. If you have read from the beginning, this issue does involve KSPRC. This is also the place to get help from the Community With KSPRC and mods it may conflict with.As for disasembly his work, I dont think that is a valid argument for a mod. The reason Why we mod games is to change things that we don't like or add stuff to the base game. We are doing the same thing to a mod, so what is the issue? You don't here Squad screaming that people disassembling their game! If you wish to continue this debate, feel free to DM me as this debate does not belong on this forum page.
  6. All work with it!. I merged my fav parts from SVE and KSPRC together so I get the best clouds with the best textures (my opinion).
  7. If its not working for you, either you have it installed incorrectly or dont have the most up to date OSF from his github. Works perfect for me with those files.