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  1. I'll try to fix it thank you for your feedbacks Never mind, restarted the game and it worked. Still could be something to keep in mind. When we create a KK game, the game have to do a lot of things at the same time so some pc (as mac) don't like it. I don't know how I could fix it but in any case, I'll add a pre-build save file in the next update
  2. Yep, I change it there should be a countdown on the screen from 0 to 100, then a screen message which say "generator destroyed" don't you see them ? And have you seen the message "Your Kerbal is trying to desactivate the generator" ? Also, make sure that you didn't approach with a too big vessel
  3. it seems to be a bug, did you have an active contract when it append ? If you want to revive him: - go in your save folder - open the persistent file - search the name of your lost kerbal - change "state" from "Missing" to "Assigned" hope it will work
  4. It could be because the fuel sharing has changed in the 1.2 so some 1.1 ships are unbalanced when you consume some fuel
  5. The 0.3 Update is out ! DOWNLOAD Tell me if you find some bugs Adding 5 new contract for kerbals kommanders games: Infiltrations missions: you need to infiltrate an ennemy station to destroy it Refueling contract: you have to carry some ressources to a ship Rescue mission: you have to pick up lost crew and bring them back to a station Tourism Contract: you have to pick up crew in a station and ferry them to another one Trading Contract: you have to carry some ressources to a station Adding a "shield" for the station, you can't destroy them Fix the docking bug codes improvements
  6. The next update is almost finish I just have to fix some bugs. It will be compatible with the 1.2 a will add few things such as contracts
  7. What do you mean by " disassembly " ? does all the part separate from one another or the vessel just disapear ?
  8. Multiplayer is not a priority now, but this is a feature which a really want to add in the mod. I've planned to implemente contract, dogfight (BDArmory) and correct all the bug before work on multiplayer. So just be patient
  9. You should try to run the game and go in the vab without kk installed to see if the problem is from kk or from others mods. A lot of people have the docking problems, you can try to use the stock bug fix mod but if you still have the problem, you just need to don't have a vessel docked when you exit the game
  10. The next update will be contracts but then, I want to work on dogfight with BDA I don't understand what do you mean, you need to buy resources, I don't see why there would be some resources directly in the station... thanks !
  11. Does the game crash when you are doing something in particular ?
  12. Do you have something else in the tank ? I didn't test with a mac, and I don't know how to fix it, I could put a premade savefile in the mod so if the generation don't work, you can play anyway
  13. It could be because the save you created isn't a career save
  14. ships tracking: Hi, I like the idea of the ship tracking but I think that it can be easier if the wanted level would depend of the player/kerbal instead of the ship so you can't get ride of your wanted level by buying a new ship. You can if you want buy new identity in pirate station which will reset you wanted level. The wanted level can be a prime (amount of money) and if you kill a pirate, get a proof and go to a station, you earn the money. You can scan ships to see there wanted level (like in elite dangerous). civilians, pirate and police : About the civilians, pirates and police, I'm planed to do a different system: each action in the game give you reputation, you have a civilian reputation and a pirate reputation. For example: if you complete a contract which told you to destroy a big pirate mothership, you earn civilian reputation but you'll loose pirate reputation. If you're pirate reputation is too high , the civilian police will hunt you, and the same for the pirate. But if you have a high civilian rep for example, you will have advantages (the police won't inspect you because they know you are a good guy). About the police job: I will probably add some police contract which tell you to inspect suspected ships. And in the station there will be infos about wanted people so you can try to hunt them, find them, and arrest/kill them (in exchange of some money of course). police contacts: you need to inspect a ship with a scanner or by docking. But when you arrive the ship can be a honest civilian or pirate with a fleet which will attack you. So to complete these contracts, you must do the right choice, don't kill an innocent and if there are slaves in a ship, you must try to keep them alive (just destroy the weapons and the engines). getting caught : I don't think that it's possible to make a ai which can dock with you, but if the police ship is a player this could be interesting, we can add something like a scanner you need to activate during a certain amount of time so you have time to flee (but if you try the police will try to kill you). I can't test it now, does the science increase ? (yes it's a bug) I'm waiting for the next KSP update with communication you will need kerbals to command a probes. Thanks for having investigated it, I'll try to fix this The principles of this tank is that they have certain capacity for example, the big on can hold 1500 of resources: so if you add 1500 of ore, it is full. When it is totally empty, you see that it have capacity of 1500 for each resources. But in reality, you can't add 1500 of wood And 1500 of ore, it's like a real cargo, if you add 500 of wood, you just have 1000 of capacity left. I hope you understood my complicated explanation ^^ Glade you enjoy, you can find the persons who designed ships in the read me