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  1. I'm on the other side of the Atlantic
  2. Where do I sign up?
  3. I'll try to get it rebooted tomorrow. Suggestions and the like are appreciated
  4. There won't be a deadline if I get permission to reboot the challenge
  5. @keptin Are there any plans to get this challenge back online sometime down the road? If not, may I reboot this? With your permission, of course.
  6. Apparently the legs on this mission were reused: "...coming in for a powered landing eight minutes after launch reaching its culmination with a gentle touchdown on four fold-out landing legs that had been recycled from a previous rocket."
  7. Looks nice! Would take a bit of getting use to, but I think it could work. IMO the biggest problem that I can see from the gif is trying not to press down too hard when clicking, or the view will rotate, which could be problematic. It looks a lot smoother than a classic mouse, though, which is nice.
  8. And the solar arrays have deployed!
  9. Dragon has deployed!
  10. Right on center as well! Brilliant!
  11. The Falcon has landed!
  12. We have liftoff!
  13. Until you realize that the next launch opportunity is not for a few days...
  14. Oh, I think everyone else is on the SpaceX webcast
  15. Who did?
  16. 2 dancing aliens with a ufo, at my control? I think I'd fare pretty well
  17. I just try to stay as far away from the Emoji Movie as possible.
  18. Like us, in the 1970s-onwards?
  19. Testing... ^ Works for me, but I have to select the drop-down menu, then Copy link to Tweet, then paste it in here without formatting. Didn't work for me any other way.
  20. Go inside your Steam folder, then (I'm going from memory, don't quote me on this) go into SteamApps, then common (I think?) and all your Steam games should be there.
  21. A bit off-topic, but wasn't there a half-built version of the An-225 that had a rear cargo door, but was scrapped?
  22. Can't sorry, it's 21:45 where I am. Also, not until the 7th since I'm going on summer camp tomorrow. Sorry guys
  23. Could anyone make any tutorials or something for this? It's harder than it looks
  24. Oh right, yeah. I meant a pressure-fed version, but loosely based on the Gamma engine since it uses the same propellant.