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  1. So here is my problem..... I have a modded install, with vessel mover, (KSP 1.6). Now when I move stuff from launch i'm good. Until I try to launch another craft. Then the first blows up. I got around this for a minute there, by moving my first craft, then spawning other vessels around it. But when I go back and launch anything no matter what everything else explodes. Tried re-install with a fresh install. And re-install with fresh mod downloads. My current mod list is: - BDArmory Cont. - Burn Together - Camera Tools - Chatterer - Community Category Kit - Communit
  2. Thank you for the welcome. I have been looking at planet packs, and have tried some like Grannus Expansion Pack, Galactic Neighborhood, and the World Beyond. I'm looking for something kinda like Galactic Neighborhood, or World Beyond. But all the ones I try don't work. So I was wondering if anyone else knew which ones worked with 1.6. I keep looking through Google and the forum, but have only found 1 other post about it (Which is the suggested mods that I tried).
  3. The question I have is this. Which mods add more planets and stars to KSP, and which ones can be loaded together without problems. Trying to get the most stars and planets I can right now. I am running 1.6
  4. I just want to know if I can run KSP with under 20 mods with the following system. Been looking online, but haven't come across anything. It's a desktop. Also My laptop keeps crashing and overheating. What can I do to fix that problem too? AMD Sempron 145 2.8 GHz8GB Ram750GB Hard DriveWindows 10Radeon HD dedicated graphics 64 Bit OS
  5. Which parts use BD Armory and which parts don't? Because I got 1.1.2 and BD Armory isn't supported for that version of KSP.
  6. The only reason I ask is because BD Armory apparently doesn't, so if this is an expansion then how does it work in 1.1.2 if BD Armory only works up to 1.1.1?
  7. What kinds of weapons mods work on KSP 1.1.2? Something like BD Armory.
  8. I got an Intel Pentium CPU J2900 @ 2.41 GHz Factory Graphics. I ran the game un-modded and it was doing fine. All except the lag in the clock. Turned Graphics settings down. Now I downloaded CKAN and some mods. Gonna see if they work tonight. Thanks guys. Trying to find a mod similar to BD Armory, since it says it don't work in 1.1.2 and IDGAF if they don't want anyone talking about that. All that says is screw everyone thats been downloading and using the mod for years and we don't care about y'all. Theres a bunch of mods listed as expansions that say they work with 1.1.2, but the expansion d
  9. Currently bought HP desktop. I got 2.50 GHz processor 4 GB Ram Windows 10 64bit. Can my computer run KSP 1.1.2? I can upgrade RAM. Factory graphics card in masterboard. What would my limits be with my current system as is if it can run KSP 1.1.2?
  10. Kerbal Stuff is no more, is there any other DL links? The one for Curse isn't working either.
  11. So is there another place to download this from besides Kerbal Stuff? because apparently they don't exist anymore.
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