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  1. Oh, I didn't see contract configurator as a dependency. I will install it. Thankyou.
  2. Out of curiosity, where is the observatory? My tracking station is level-3 and I can't find it. I am unsure as to where to locate it. All I have installed are Snacks and Research Bodies on this instance. Oh, and I have the DLC installed as well. https://imgur.com/CcK2MXZ
  3. Could be cool. I would also suggest that it be optional if it is ever implemented. Also if you are taking a count, releasing a Linux version would be amazing. (KSP-1 is in the top 5 selling games for Linux(On Steam), as of the time of this post. I have little doubt that KSP-2 would be in a similar position.)
  4. Is its dry-mass higher than you would expect or is it purely a volume issue?
  5. @Marcelo Silveira Answer to the first question: Just the command pod and a single parachute, the one that fits in the indent. But I also did a run with nothing attached earlier with the same effect, Answer to the second question: It just seemed to slow down a little too fast. But that might just be subjective. The overheat bar didn't even show up from a standard LKO reentry.
  6. @Marcelo Silveira Good idea with the automatic Drag_Cube generation. After commenting out the drag cube configuration, the pod experiences aero forces again. However it experiences like 5%-10% more drag than I expected. But for automatic generation, it ain't half bad. So it does appear that there is some kind of parsing error in the Drag Cube configuration, or I am missing something.( It is completely likely that I am missing something )
  7. I was testing the mod in 1.7, and it appears as though the starting command pod does not experience atmospheric drag. Thus the command pod plummets through the atmosphere to its death on reentry. I tested this using the aerodynamics overlay. Part name: A-1CS 'Rullendemann' Crew Module Edit: @Beale I went and sifted through the part config files and you seem to be using the same drag model and constants as the Mk1 command pod. The Mk1 command pod seems to handle drag appropriately, so I am unsure as to the cause of this bug. My best guess is that the drag cube is wonky, so I posted i
  8. Thanks a ton dude. Once this is 1.7.0 compatible, I am totally gonna try to roll a small texture pack. Your instructions seem simple enough.
  9. Does anyone know of additional compatible texture packs for this mod. Basic Procedural Textures is awesome for sure, but are there others that will work as well? I have tried searching, but a lot of the old texture packs have fallen into disrepair or are not available. I am probably just not looking in the right places. And if there are no others, is there a tutorial or specification page so that I can make one?
  10. @MilkSage In order: Maybe, No, I think so, and yes they make rockets look way cooler.
  11. This is truly an awesome mod, I was wondering if you would willing to post the desired dimensions of the IVAs for modules that don't have IVAs. Mabye some of us in the community can make some IVAs and give them to the project, if you want them. I am sure others like myself are good with Blender. As I said, your mod is truly awesome, thank you for all the work you do on it. We could even use the IVA models and textures you have in the mod for inspiration and try to make them look similar, or we could look at the historical ones and model after them if you wanted.
  12. Using this potential mod with KIS, could make for some awesome vessel re-purposing and such. One could even conceive of making some redneck space stations from the old ship parts.
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