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  1. ckan has some major issues on windows 10 I can't tell what causes it
  2. I would like to confirm that it does work in 1.6.0 all it probably needs is a recompiled.
  3. no, you are wrong on your guess, so let's guess @Red Iron Crown maybe?
  4. Nope @Red Iron Crown you have a go at mods chain
  5. Nope but I do visit @Flixxbeatz let the op guess who’ Next
  6. I think I know a team that could help you @Papa_Joe @SpannerMonkey(smce)
  7. Yeah that was true but I feel like I should’ve left anyway because I really had no use and I was causing more trouble than good and honestly I think it was best for the group and let me not have to worry about it and being able to focus on school so I’m proud that you along with @Papa_Joe have a great team without me
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