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  1. Now you have my attention
  2. @kerbinorbiter we don't have signal for him
  3. Let me fix the mention @Red Iron Crown
  4. No @Red Iron Crown
  5. Restarting admin chain @Red Iron Crown @Vanamonde @Dman979
  6. Sorry I'm late @The Destroyer
  7. no @The Destroyer
  8. First and that is a great video
  9. Please close this
  10. @Red Iron Crown should this be sticky still since 1.3 is out
  11. no @Laythe Squid @Laythe Dweller @Just Jim @Kerbin Rocket Science @kerbinorbiter @DECQ
  12. He is correct on that because the facts are you built the craft and no there is that to he is correct on that because the The limitations cannot be found by the AI
  13. Okay I will be silent on this issue