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  1. Hey @Galileo, there is a small typo in the 3.2x config that causes Kopernicus to fail loading any planet system. In line 164 it needs to be instead of EDIT: I created a Pull Request with the fix.
  2. Do you have MKS installed? In that case you need some Material Kits to inflate the centrifuges and habitats. The exact amount should be in the tooltip of each part.
  3. Does anyone know what happened to the large harvesters and dome parts that were teased quite a while ago? Since Roverdude hasn't been very active lately I suppose he's busy with other stuff right now (which he totally deserves ) but I was wondering if those parts are still in the pipeline for a soonTM release. Cheers
  4. Kopernicus is version locked which means it will only work with the KSP version it has been compiled for.
  5. Yeah I guess that would be the way to go. Or you could flag that MM patch as opional so that the player can decide if he wants the stock upgrades alongside KRnD or not. I think that's what Nertea does e.g with his NF Electrics mod for depleting RTG Power or the optional LF Patches for the nuclear engines.
  6. As described in my post above, when upgrading a part with KRnD it loses it's upgrades from your mod with the stock system . The most notable case is the Kodiak where you apply a series of upgrades over the engine tech line to boost it's thrust and ISP. For me it isn't an issue anymore since I've just stopped upgrading that engine with KRnD but if more more mods start using the stock upgrade system, it could be worth finding a way for the two systems to coexist since KRnD (for me at least) is the best way to tackle an upscaled system without messing with SMURF and consorts.
  7. Hey, @blowfish I just wanted to report, that the mod appears to work fine on 1.4.2. I've used it for the past week on my career save and haven't encountered any issues so far. On this note - how much effort would it be to include the texture switching feature from the MH expansion into this mod? Shouldn't that be something B9 Part Switch would be perfect for? Cheers
  8. I hereby stand corrected - I thought the upgrades were applied by squad but as it appears they are a part of the UBM extended mod. The author uses the upgrade framework to place some parts in a weaker form early in the techtree and then created upgrades for them later in the tree. Sorry if i got you excited for nothing Nonetheless my "bug-report" stands as the stock and the KRnD system dont play nice with each other but I dont know if that's something that can be fixed without extensive coding.
  9. The *** upgrades applied *** seems to come from the stock upgrade system which squad applied on some of the MH-Expansion engines. (Namely the Kodiak). In my career save for 1.4.2 i found this to be a minor issue because no matter which upgrades get applied by the stock system, KRnD will still only upgrade based on the first tier values. (e.g. the Kodiak gets a significant ISP Boost from the stock 95Science Tier which gets removed after applying a weight reduction in KRnD - to get the same ISP back one would need like 3 or 4 tiers of upgrades in both ISP categories).
  10. Got it - I figured a pack this extensive would be based on a number of background dependencies. In that case I'll just patiently wait until everything gets updated to start a new and exciting journey through the Ciro System :-) Thank you to all the devs that made this pack possible by the way if I haven't posted that before!
  11. Just out of curiosity - Since Kopernicus has been updated to 1.4.2 why wouldn't GPP work fine now? Are there other dependencies that need to be updated?
  12. yeah, the album is just a mission report about the preparation process! But after finishing that I also updated the game and after messing around with the indices I managed to get everything back to normal The process of rebuilding the base in an improved version is going well and I love the new location!
  13. Alright, here is my report of getting my game set up for GPP 1.1: The mission: Get most parts of my Iota base into orbit so they won't be crushed by Iota's changing height map. - This is the base!
  14. Ahh I just found out what happened. I did update to 1.0.2 as soon as it was released (been using KSC++ so it should be the right version) but I didn't update to the 'second' 1.0.2 update (see page 11 of the thread). Oh well I guess that's what you get for being hasty Anyway could I just remove the flightglobals from the cfgs and expect things to be the same as before? EDIT: I managed to get everything back to normal by playing around with the indices until I found the matching configuration for my ships! The new Iota looks beautiful and I can't wait to get my base back down and running.
  15. actually the .version file from the old version states 1.0.2. But I probably didnt do a clean install during that update and just copy-pasted the update. Could this have broken something?