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  1. Thank you Gordon Dry. For some reason my google search for this turned up a forum post that said Squad didn't want to implement this functionality because they didn't want people flying entirely from the flight map and cited the inability to stage in it as evidence. I had somehow overlooked this option every time I went into the settings so it seemed believable, I suppose I should have looked again.
  2. I'd like to suggest a new mod QuickNavball (or something along those lines) that would change the navball behavior to not autohide on the flight map. There were other mods that did this but they didn't survive the 1.3 update.
  3. BahamutoD, you need to reupload this and your Animation Modules to either Curse or another mod hosting site. Kerbal Stuff has been shut down by it's owner and is no longer available for hosting your mods on. In the meantime, thank you Glome for providing a mirror.