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  1. Is this mod known to cause performance issues? It seems to, since my game slowed down tremendously when I installed it. I see there are some performance optimization settings included, which ones can I tweak without causing many problems? Is there a drawback to the setting that doesn't run life support calcs in the background? Thanks for working on this mod, very cool!
  2. This is a great mod, thanks for making it! I am using TAC life support and I want to make a self-sufficient base on Duna. Is the spreadsheet with all the calculations up to date? (this one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSAjJHZ9jjlLu6ZHKv_RHNnWMImPfngq2GuRoEKy1UsMwd4Q2D5o2vgkAx0ieWamEfJgf-qWKS7klge/pubhtml) So on the "rates" tab, all of the numbers given are amount of each resource consumed/generated per second? How is this calculated for ore, water, and the air purifier, which presumably have variable rates of being generated based on the abundance of the resource? According to the sheet, it seems like it's possible to make a self-sustaining base on any body, which I don't think was true in past versions of the mod. Is that true, and when did it change if so? Additionally, I noticed that hydrogen and uranium have been added to the game by your mod, do these do anything on their own or are they meant to be used with additional mods? Again, thanks for your excellent work!
  3. Thanks! I was writing that at 4 AM so I had forgotten about the many ground stations on Kerbin but the point still stands that without LOS I’m going to need multiple antennas on every satellite, so thank you! I DO have no control without signal on, thought it was a cool difficulty setting and I thought I could be Scott Manley . But now sending unmanned probes is so much harder than manned missions. Maybe I’ll buff the communication range or download a life support mod...
  4. I'm trying to plan a trip to Duna, and I figured I'd send along a pod of communication satellites. I'm kind of murky on how relays affect signal strength. As of now, I've only unlocked the RA-2, which will sometimes reach Duna but sometimes won't. I figured I could get around this by attaching 5 RA-2's to my satellite, thereby giving me the signal strength to connect to KSC always (~40 Gm). But what if my line of sight to KSC is blocked - say it's on the opposite side of the planet from me. I have comsats around kerbin to avoid this issue, but does my probe have enough juice to connect to another RA-2 at Kerbin? If the range between the two satellites is calculated the same as that between a satellite and KSC, then it seems I'd actually need something like 50 RA-2s on EACH satellite to guarantee the signal can travel the maximum distance between Kerbin and Duna, which isn't particularly feasible. I could, of course, wait to unlock the next tier antenna, but if I'm doing the calculations right then I'll still need 4 of those on each satellite if I want to cover the extreme case. This is doable, but it requires my satellites to be much beefier than I've been making them. On the wiki, it says the RA-15 will always reach Duna, but after accounting for the fact that you may not have LOS to KSC, do you need more power to meet this requirement? tl;dr: Does every hop in the communications network have to be close enough such that the two antennas in the hop can communicate with each other independently of what's going on in every other hop, or does a relay's proximity to KSC somehow boost its power? If going through a relay to reach KSC does that relay also have to have the power to perform the next hop on its own?
  5. Hi all, I've encountered a really strange bug. When I try to pitch up or down, the game seems to fight me - after a few moments of pressing the pitch key I see the pitch meter suddenly reverse direction and go to the other extreme, and I can't pitch up/down anymore because the ship goes back the other way. Weirdly enough, the yaw and roll controls behave normally. Things I've tested: This happens with SAS on or off If I turn off the reaction wheels/rcs, the pitch meter still behaves the same though no rotation happens It happens both in the atmosphere and in orbit If I use an old ship that's already in orbit, it doesn't have this problem. The bug seems to only apply to new vessels I launch. Previously on this save I have had no issues. Saving/reloading doesn't fix it, nor does restarting ksp, or switching vessels or time acceleration. As best as I can’t tell, this isn’t an issue of trim being accidentally set as alt+x doesn’t fix it. Has anyone encountered a bug like this before/know of some ways I might try to fix it? This is pretty gamebreaking if I can't find a fix. I'm on 1.5.1. I've been on this save for a while, and I haven't installed any new mods for quite some time and haven't had an issue until now. EDIT: I've since tried starting a new save, and reverting to previous saves from long before this problem started. The bug was present in all saves, so this seems to be a persistent problem with my copy of KSP. I also made a recording of the bug in action, linked below. What you see is me holding the pitch up key, and as you can see the input oscillates back and forth. Then I stop pressing pitch, turn off SAS, and show it still happening. Then I show that this problem does not occur in the yaw or roll directions. Any help would be appreciated! https://vimeo.com/316015675 EDIT 2: Something really strange is going on here. After reinstalling KSP and then installing mods one by one and not finding one that broke it, I found a workaround. If I log into a different save file (a sandbox file I made for testing the bug) than the one I'm playing right after booting up KSP, I can then load the main save file and have no issues. However, if I load the main file first, the bug occurs. Further, if I switch to the sandbox file, the bug occurs in that one too. It's almost like the bugged file corrupts the clean one and the clean one cleanses the bugged one. Everything seems to work if I do this extra step, which is fine I suppose, but does anyone have any insight on why this might be happening and how I might come up with a permanent fix? In a (probably) unrelated note, kerbal engineer seems to have broken to be always on even when I don't have an engineer or the part installed (I have the mod set to career). This is whatever, and is probably not related, but I don't think it did this before the bug. Mods I have installed, all through ckan I believe save for docking port alignment indicator:
  6. I have a couple of quick questions for you guys. 1. I'm thinking of adding OPM to a save file that's already fairly heavily modded, but no modifications have been made to the solar system thus far. Is OPM likely to break that save file? 2. Eeloo is replaced by this mod, correct? If so, what happens to vessels in the SOI of eeloo if a save file is preexisting? The answer might be "don't install this mod if you hope to use it on a preexisting save file," and if so that's okay! This looks like a great mod though, props to the developers.
  7. Alright, thanks for the info guys! Just wanted to make sure all was well. Lol at the ladder drive though- that's quite silly.
  8. Hi there. So I used to play KSP a lot before 1.0 but stopped and am just now getting back into it. Something new I've noticed is that now when I go on EVA while I'm in space my rocket goes into a spin. It's a slow spin, so it's just a nuisance, but it never happened before so is this intentional? Am I just going to have to start packing a probe core on ever rocket so that I can keep SAS on while I'm on EVA? Thanks in advance!
  9. Streetwind: Oh, my apologies, that's not the best picture. I am using the Panther, though. However, I had no idea it had two modes - that'll probably push me over the edge, so thanks for that! I'll get rid of the intakes though. Thanks for the rule of thumb there. I also know nothing about area ruling - never even heard of it. I'll have to read up on that. Chaos_Klaus: I also didn't know that how quickly I ascended would affect my performance at the high point of my flight. Thanks for the little FAR tutorial you typed, too! That should really help a lot. WhiteKnuckle: Ha, stupid me. I didn't even notice I was carrying oxidizer. Thanks! Thanks guys! That should really help a lot. I truly appreciate it! Your responses were quite thorough - I should have no problem getting up there now.
  10. Hi all, I'm on my first career mode file for KSP, so I'm rather new, but I don't know why I can't seem to make a high altitude plane. I do use FAR, but I don't use B9 since I want to get familiar with the stock parts first. Here's a picture of my most successful craft: http://imgur.com/Or0SB0w Even after hours of watching tutorials, I can't make it go higher than about 15 km or faster than about 350 m/s. I'd like to get it up to 18 km to collect high altitude science. Speed is secondary, but I'm also confused why it won't go faster. The thrust starts dropping off the higher I go, which makes sense and all, but I've seen plenty of planes go higher and faster on just two engines like these. I thought it might be lack of intake air, but adding air intakes seems to do nothing. I have no stability problems as far as I can tell, and the FAR graph seems to suggest I could go higher, but I think my lack of speed is killing me. Is there any way to access the thrust v. altitude data for each engine? Additionally, what suggestions do you have for me? More engines? More wing? More intakes? Different shape? I don't really know where to go from here. Thanks in advance!