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  1. Can I request a new part? - Mounted H cockpit, used for KH sized planes with K sized cargo doors in front.
  2. Interesting, ill take a look at it, thanks. I cant look at it right now, but its just the tanks, fairings and decouplers. Definetly NOT thrusters, boosters, structural stuff and command and control blocks. Edit: Batteries too, they looks nice but i always tend to use the stock ones.
  3. Hi, KW rocketry used to be my favorite mod, but now, many of its parts are included also in Vannila game (+DLC) and with combination with few other mods, its getting really messy. But there are many blocks I am still using, for instance thrusters and boosters, cause of them i dont want to uninstall this mod. Can i simply delete the tanks, fairings and other blocks from the mods directory folder? Or does exist another, simplier way to hide theese blocks ingame? Thanks.
  4. I saw a bug with near future Launch vehicles (my favorite) mod. It seems that EX-M9 configurable cluster mount doesnt show his shroud when he is launched, while its OK in the VAB/SPH.
  5. Thats what am trying to avoid. Maybe i really didnt have trigger armed ( but i am sure i had) or guard on... Nevermind. I ll be more happy if someone answer number 1) + 4) On wikia AND on KSP pedia writes only about firing interval ( W. Manager settings) but i have also "burst lengh" slider. What does it do, and is function of "firing int." changed? My theory: Burst lengh= firing time Fire interval = time betweem burst Old version : fire int/2 = burst lengh. which is no more active
  6. Could i ask few questions ? 1) If i set laser point or GPS coordination, then fly with wing of fighters/bombers equiped with laser/gps guided missile, will they even try to fire with guard + AI pilot mode ? It looks like no. 2) If i have missiles (whateever guidenance type) in cargo bay ( In cargo bay: true ), will the guard mode be able to open the bay itself ? Will he even try to fire ? 3) I have a bit problem with firing missiles mannualy. I set trigger on, (trigger time 0,1s) and hold mouse button, somethimes if fires, somethimes not. Any fix ? Will decreasing trigger time help ?
  7. I have a simply idea about integrating surface of celestial bodies. A highway. The mod adds one more part to the game with super funkcion: A highway builder. It is one big part equiped with 8 wheels, and two connector balls (on bottom and upper side to connect with your rocket). It looks like a bit oversized ( 15-30m) rover but it can put an asphalt road over places where it get over. Controling is same as normal rover control with max. speed nearly 20m/s. But it have two buttons, which alow to place a road. 1. Button: toogles between None, build mode or demolish mode Build mode starts building. None means, you can maneurate without building. Demolish mode clears already existing road and reveals the original terrain. 2. Button determimes the width of the road what appers (or is demolish) after everywhere, where it moves. (Not when flying, bridges in far far future upgrades). The road looks like 1-10m wide black asphalt zone (you can use original runway texture ) a bit (0,2-0,5 m) over terrain (not water or KSC buildings) to cover all holes and bents with flat area. You can now build your own runway on duna or highspeed road connecting your mun bases. We just need a skillful modder, not someone like me.
  8. How to mine this metalic ore ? Theese minning thinks dont work. I click extend and its doing nothink , and no button "start minning" , what am i doing bad ?
  9. OK , try this : now it works , right click on the picture and download it in PNG format !!!
  10. I am Back It wasnt so hard . 1) Download this : 2) Rename it : gaugeBackground 3) Export it to PNG (Sorry ,but I dont know how. JPEG dont work) 4) Put it in : main KSP folder → GameData → NavyFish → Plugins → Docking Port Alignment Indicator →PluginData →DockingPortAlignment 5) If ask to owerwrite , do so ( if dont ask , something is wrong) 6)PLAY ! the 1. character is yaw/pitch and 2. is translation
  11. Sorry but i havent got right programs (only drawing) and I am not 18 years old if its neccessary.
  12. I am always confusen when starting maneuver so I think will be nice if there will write the buttons what i shall push to go in this direction somethink like this : but propably in different order the first character is yaw/pitch and second translation