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  1. XCOM 2 does something like this by adding your characters to the load screen. I haven't paid attention to whether it's accounting for small things like unlocked weapons and grenades and stuff. I think it would be a short stone's throw to make this happen, but I also don't know too much about programming, so what do I know.
  2. Hey all, I have a problem where my monopropellant disappears after I reactivate the tank it's in. As in, during construction, I will close access to certain tanks (like my lander tanks) so that it isn't used during transit. However, when I hit that little fuel button so that the tank/fuel can be used again, all the fuel disappears. I'm currently sitting 15 Km over Minmus with no fuel in my lander. I've attached my installed mods and some screenshots. Installed mods Tank problems Any help is appreciated.
  3. Quick question: was it intentional for the SIGINT satellite to have no power draw? Just planning a Minmus mission and don't want to be surprised if I needed solar panels as large as the satellite itself, to maintain power.
  4. I'd imagine it's probably cheaper to refine on site. Raw material probably loses weight after refinement, meaning that's less weight to launch back into orbit. When it comes to doing anything space, more weight = more cost.
  5. I saw the linked post, but had a small reservation of downloading files not released by the authors. This seems to have worked, however and my PC isn't blowing up I appreciate the work @Ger_space.
  6. I seem to be having an issue in v1.5.1 in which I can't equip the screwdriver and thus, can not install any power plugs into the SEP central station or experiments. I have tried reinstalling the mod and that did nothing. I can equip the wrench, just fine. EDIT: Is there a reason I don't see a .CFG file for the wrench or the electric screwdriver? As of right now, I only see the .CFG file for the screwdriver; I wanted to cross reference it with the wrench .CFG to see if there is a disparity that I can just change to reflect the wrench, since I can equip/use that tool without issue. Either that or I wanted to move the electric screwdriver over to the Basic Science category in R&D, so that I don't have to cheat to buy Advanced Electrics, perhaps allowing me to install power plugs with that tool, instead.
  7. You know @Bottle Rocketeer 500, as a former avionics technician who worked on an air base, this mod actually piques my interest, even given that I don't use space planes that often in KSP. Upon reading through the thread though, I quickly got a few ideas for the mod's future, that I think would be fun. I don't want to commit to every mod that comes through this post right off the bat, but since Air Traffic Control is on an MIT license, I'm pretty free to explore it. Like I said, I'm just starting out, but i'll definitely keep ATC in mind and contact the author if I think I can make it into something you'd enjoy. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. How about getting my name changed to HeyThisIsntFallout, please?
  9. I appreciate the help guys, I have the next two days off work, so it looks like I've got some time to play around with this stuff and get myself stumped.
  10. I see the MIT license, so I am free to play with the file? After I get off work tomorrow, I suppose my first step will be to download KSP v1.3.1 and OAR, sit down and get familiar with the code. I downloaded SharpDevelop; am I correct in assuming that is where I can play with the code? Do you have a Discord or some way for me to easily contact you if I have any questions? I largely plan on teaching myself, but may have mod specific questions, sometime.
  11. I actually spent tonight getting a bit acquainted with Github and do have an account, shoot me your suggestion and I'll take a look.
  12. So, I've been scouring CKAN for mods that don't seem to be getting any love these days. It's difficult considering that a lot of the creators don't leave behind an email address or anything. However, I am really interested in learning how to program and mod; how best to learn than with my favorite game and it's respective community. Now, I could look through the 1,900-some-odd incompatible mods on CKAN or I thought I could come here and see if there are any mods you all wish were still supported because you enjoyed having the content. Point me in the direction of a mod (particularly a plugin or simple part mod, conducive for learning) that has been opened up for adoption and I'll take a look and try to contact the mod author. Thanks for the help and hopefully I'll be able to bring some of your favorite content back to life and learn along the way!
  13. In the off chance that @ArcaneZedric takes a look at this post, I'm looking for a mod or plugin to adopt to learn how to program. Until then I'll search Spacedock and other mod sites for any email addresses he might have left behind.
  14. It will only show up, in flight, if you use the KER parts: the microchip and recorder looking parts.
  15. As in the nose cone parachute? I have one installed on my craft, if that's what you're asking. (I'll try an install without RT, as well)
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