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  1. Specular map

    It's a reallygood idea, I'll dig in, thank you man ! I think we'll just realease a basic part with a general glossy, and update it later
  2. Hello guys ! I'm currently working with @HuXTUS on a part. Adding a diffuse and a bump/normal map is very easy but what's up about specular ? Shaders have no slot for that. I just found an 1 year old discussion about that : Is it still the way to add specular ? And moreover, does someone has a great tutorial on how to add this alpha channel to the diffuse (not sure it works with JPG and PNG should be a mess for the game, no ?) Hope to see some help quickly Thanks
  3. [1.3] Suit Refuel

    I have skills in 3D modelisation. Would you like me to work on your part and provide it a better look ? Keep me in touch
  4. Hey guys ! I saw something about a needof a modeler in the previous topic ? If yes tell me what you need, I should be able to do some stuff in my spare time. I'm not able to code or integrate but I'm definitely able to model and texturize stuffs. Tell me if needed, I can provide OBJ/.blend objects and textures
  5. Same problem here. I can't use spaceplanes on the runaway : my vesseles seams to fall from 2 or 3 meters, and explode, before I could do anything. Landing legs in the floor ... It seems I will go back on 1.0.5 (I have a crew member problem too, I'll open an other topic).
  6. Yep, he will be able to take 2 coffee or lunch
  7. Erf, bad refreshment of my web page. Ctrl+F5 is better
  8. I'm searching a way to give him a donation for his amazing work (not much, but without his add on the game is not the same). I can't find a way to do it, any clue ?
  9. Hello there ! Small update for the week end I worked on an other small piece, i'll came back later on the decoupler. My goal is to find the best way to work on many parts and I think I can have something, I have to be sure before sharing something stupid So, last thing will be the diffuse map. I have here 2 maps 1024² (one normal, an other basic diffuse for the moment), and KSP shader (less precise than unity basic ) Polycount is exact same as the original. I'm thinking about adding some faces (not for the cylinder, but some tiny details). What do you think ? Enjoy
  10. Hello ! Got a problem during trying to install the import, this line is not "good" for blender : from .mu import MuEnum, Mu, MuColliderMesh, MuColliderSphere, MuColliderCapsule [edit] using the python file instead of ZIP file ... everything good now Thanks !
  11. Hello Everybody ! Glad to see my post was not a lost bottle in an ocean. Well, my goal is to optimize the weight : I worked many time with a start-up which created web application in real time. I was very very constrained (512² square, only diffuse), and this experience prove me that you can do amazing things with not many things. You are an artist or not New item this week end, the decoupler was a test, I'll see what I can do very professionnaly
  12. Hello Cobalt. Thanks a lot for your review. Yes, sure, but I wanted to have a validation of all that I was thinking. You made this Actually, I have a 20 point circle. When I looked at the decoupler, it was my count, but nobody is perfect. Thanks for the precision The "layer of grime", I was not sure. 512² textures don't let people see clearly the style. Hope the next version will help on definite this. The project of Dangerously Dave is very intersting, he is pointing to where I want to go. I'm aware many players have "low" configuration, but I'm thinking about many people who have gamer configurations, and can enjoy a very high quality. Plus, the time it will take to me to developp my ideas, people will have 1to of RAM Thanks for my site, I'm still developping the new version (parallax, smoothr version, etc ...). It's an old one, and very difficult to edit
  13. Hello there ! I'm a new Kerbal explorer and happy to became a player of this awesome game. In real life I'm a digital designer (that mean I work with industry to make your everyday product very sexy, all that in 3D) and a 3D graphist (i began with that at the origin with Blender 12 years ago !!) My first impression of the game was "awesome, a fantastic game where you have to do EVERYTHING to explore the space, note like EVE or Star Citizen (RSI)". I played for 1 week long and understood the working process of the game. Well, after this week I feeled a bit desappointed : OK this is a great sandbox with tons of possibilities, but the fact is there is not any background like (in French) "Les Lapins Crétins", no emotionnal attachement to the character (despite I preferred to start again a mission instead of sending my kerb dead outer far space). I mean the common player won't stop on this game because there is no real graphic identity, and very, very, very basics graphism ... BUT I'm not this king of guy who said it's bad and do not do anything. So here is my project : 1. Bring better graphics This is the first and non discutable point. At all. So, I search to know how the game was made and was happy to read that the next update will use Unity 5.0. So now, tell me if I'm wrong but : • there will be x64 support • more textures size possibility (not necessary to keep below 4gb RAM ressources) so 1024² will be good • more geometry possibilites. Here is my first attempt during last evening for validating process (using basics shaders of UNITY, didn't installed the KSP addon) Just modeling and using normal baking to stitch it to a single plane (2 triangles here) Then, the test was OK for me, I used to reproduce the TR-18A Decoupler. Build from scratch, just taking print screens. 280 tris total, I'm pretty sure I'm not far from the original count with 1024² textures (512² original) The final result is "good" but I want tu push this little simple piece to a very good detailed one. This is just the beginning like a warm up. So this first goal will be to take each piece of this game and do real good graphics. Like "ultra graphics" for those players like wo loved to see the britle of the sun on each piece of my fu**ing awesome ship. Big goal ! Now, I will take a look how to bring back each parts for editing them, hard part too for me (remember I'm a graphist, not a developper) 2. Environnement, what the hell ? My first look on the buildings of the game was "Oh my god, in what year this game was made ...gush, it's still on developpement ... did they killed their graphist ? " And when you undrestood the basics, you didn't stick a long time on the planet : for me, the beginning has to be harder, and would begin with a water rocket. No Kerbal in a box, just water and pressure. My goal after bring better graphics to parts is to bring theses to the environnement which will be remodeled to fit better with the Kerbals (see below my vision of Kerbals). In full carreer mode you start with these buildings very far from each others. My think is at th beginning, the Kerbals didn't think that putting some tons of explosives nearby the astronaut schools or even public was dangerous : • The base has to be very small at the beginning : 2 or 3 kerbals are walking on an open build area, and the launch is made on this build area. A launch what ? oooooooh ok, let put some credits for building a launch area, good idea ! A traelling what ? Oh you mean a machine for bringing the rocket from the build area to the launch area ... And there you had, just on "few" works (I know that few means A LOT. A TON. A FULL BUNCH OF TONS) many things the player has to develop to make bigger and bigger this area. For exemple, the build area is very huge at the beginning. No one Kerbal could imagine a rocket will be this taller at the beginning. Impossible. • The base MUST match with Kerbal style. We have here a copy/paste of NASA buildings. Kerbal people must have their style (more "toon" I think - don't forget they smile like idiots during the launch phase). • Then, and this is a big-huge-mega-then, add a small town where the Kerbal will rest when they are not working veeeeeery hard. Adding vegetation would be difficult, that's why i'm not talking about that right now. 3. We have Kerbals people. They didn't look human at all, we feel really their stupidity, but we can't be attached to them because they seem to identical. A pilot would not be like a scientist. They MUST have a very recognizable look : • a pilot will be very "sexy" (kerbal's sexlook ... well let me think hard to that) or Russian look (in all movies at least one pilot is Russian and probably crazy. True story) • a scientist will wear glasses and will be tiny, focused on his mission, but if a butterfly pass no one will be able to focus him again and a Kerbale (with a E, female version) will put him on his worst fear ever. • an engineer : smoke nearby a fuel tank ? No problem at all ... • etc ... In resume bring via good graphics a real personnality to each Kerbal. A character modeler ? Why not ... Well, this is a ton of text and I have many work to do on this, only during my free time. The other time I have to work on projects not very funny (see here : http://www.p-ka.fr ). So be gentle I will not have a killer cadence on modelisation/texturing each part. But maybe one day I will work as freelance for KSP during my professionnal time ! Who knows ! (nobody but I hope a lot :-D ) See ya in few days, until I update other graphic stuff here after editing pieces and integrated them in the game :-) Thanks for your patience and kindly toward my English (not bad but not perfect)