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  1. Yes, the vessel on which I encountered this issue first does have an antenna. But that is not really related since I'm talking about the crewed Space Tug Command Module, not the probe core. The latter actually looks operational.
  2. My game doesn't recognize the Space Tug command module as one ever since 1.3.1 came out. There are errors "no control" and "empty crew cabins" in the checklist eve though the command pod is there and is manned. Any idea what should look into?
  3. Doesn't work for me for some reason( The files are listed in the debug toolbar and the volume settings seem okay in the cfg, but there's no sound on Kerbin. Just a barely audible hiss when you drive fast - more like aerodynamics rather than motors. Any idea what else should I check?
  4. Naah, Win7. And actually forcing Dx11 which was a surprise - thought I have nothing forced. Must be a legacy setting from previous installation. Gotta try turning that off. UPD: That actually solved that Thanks for showing me the right direction, comrade) I believe, I had that turned on for a reason. I was planning to install KSPRC. Is there no need to force d3d11 for that these days?
  5. Hello. I'm using the 4 head textures this mod provides - they look a bit better than the similar textures from the PimpMyKerbals mod, so I'd like to keep using them but they keep working funny for some reason. Jeb up close, looking just fine But his head turns all stripy if you look from further away. Same problem with the 3 other heads. Any idea how to make these textures function properly?
  6. Thanks for looking into it. I realized it might actually be working as intended, when I tried using pipes. I should have expected my structures to be kinda volatile under Minmus gravity
  7. Greetings. I've encountered a peculiar bug which appears rather consistently when certain conditions are met: 1. A vessel must be in orbit 2. It must have a manned EAS-1 command seat When I load a save file created in flight under these conditions, some of the vessel's parts are misaligned. Usually it's the wheels, the landing gear, the command seat or the kerbal manning it. I'm using a number of mods: KIS, KAS, KER, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Throttle Controlled Avionics, RCS Build Aid, Atomic Age, QuizTechAero, a bunch of other part packs. But the first time I
  8. Here you go. In the beginning it shows how anyone could attach a pylon with bare hands, then it demonstates what happens when it's attached in this manner and in the end - what happens when it's attached properly with a screwdriver.
  9. Soz, my sleepless head of last night produced a riddle instead of a normal post) That's actually the case - I've never constructed surface outposts before. So I don't know exactly how are these grounding parts supposed to work. Thought, they'd be somewhat similar to launch stability enhancers - whatever's attached, it goes nowhere even the God tries to rip it off the ground. Say comrade, on other celestials than Minmus, have you ever managed to firmly ground any massive parts by attaching them to pylons directly? I noticed they work better if you attach parts via ports and pipes - the str
  10. Yep. Model E-SD80 to be precise. As you can see on the screenshot Bill has it equipped and it says 'detach from the ground' when I hover the cursor over the pylon while holding 'H'. That kind of suggests that it's attached. What I was trying to say is that the same result could be achieved if Jeb or anyone else would be attaching the pylon with bare hands. And here's the collision test result.
  11. Hello everyone. I have some issues with the ground pylon. According to description this part can attached to the ground with a screwdriver or a wrench. But in fact any of my kerbals appears to have an option to do that - I hold 'H', a screwdriver symbol appears, then the buzzing sound comes through even though Jeb didn't even have any tools in his inventory. Then he can pick it up with bare hands as if nothing's been attached.Engineer or pilot, with or without a tool - the ground attachment procedure looks the same and the empty Rockomax X200-32 fuel tank attached to the pylon attached (s
  12. You know why she looks so sad there? She can't equip any headpiece at all(Reading thread actually helped, shutting up now. Would be cool if those headpieces were wearable in IVA as well. So Jeb could bling those shades riding something bigger than a jetpack. But then there's the external command seat...
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