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  1. Latest version of everything except BDAc ? YES! It works ! Thank you very much ! Just got to update everything to the latest version
  2. I've done everything correctly and the effect is still not showing, I've tried installing with CKAN and no difference, I'm using NKD 0.84,BDArmoryContined v2.1.2, CAL v.0.2.4 and PhysicsRangeExtender v1.4 here's list of everything in my gamedata folder Weirdly, the effect and damage of the Air - 2 Genie Nuclear Missile work but it's the only one.
  3. I feel like this could be done with a simple patch but I really don't know how to use MM. Is there anybody who can enlight me about this ? Thanks in advance
  4. I doesn't work in 1.3 for me, when I click a gamesave it loads forever, I got the new version of Kopernicus installed.... What am I doing wrong ?
  5. Thanks man ! Great to see that you're still making amazing mods !
  6. Umh, installing on 1.3.0 make the game crash on startup.
  7. Hey man, haven't touched KSP in months, was looking for some realist mods and this looks amazing ! I always wanted to download bluedog but there's so many part, this however is really cool !
  8. This seems really cool ! Is it based on Orion ? And why the 1.1.3 compatibility ? Is it 1.2.2 compatible ? Sorry for the questions, but this mod is curious and I'd love to try it out ! ( Will test it and edit soon )
  9. I know that the revamp is at a certain state but have considered using animated decouplers for the trunk/dragon V2 separation ? I know that SDHI mod use it for the Orion sep. Link in case ( yes it's compatible with 1.2.1 https://github.com/Starwaster/AnimatedDecouplers/releases
  10. It's awesome ! Can't wait for release !
  11. I love this mod ! But I don't why, since 1.1.3, when I put a LES of the mod, the lift center teleport to the top and it make the rocket flip no matter what I do... I doesn't use FAR, just deadly reentry.... Edit: The center of lift only move when I put the LES nose
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