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  1. I guess I'm harsh, but I'm sort of doing it right: I put Kopernicus, then basic 7.0, then the rest of the systems are on top. As a result, there is an error + everything is very slow. "Kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to exception in the loading process. Loading your savegame is NOT recommended, because the missing planets could corrupt it and delete your progress. Please contact the planet pack author or the Kopernicus team about the issue and send them a valid bugreport, including your KSP.lpg, your <oduleManager.ConfigCache file and the folder Logs/Kopernicus/ from your KSP root directory." Like I found some conflict with the mods.
  2. No one found the reason for 1.3.1? Can tell me more fashion, but not just a few suns and planets, in the likeness of this or similarity of galaxy, but under 1.3.1 =)
  3. As soon as I fly out of the Kerbol system I was immediately sucked into the Polaris system system. This should not happen, someone has dealt with this problem? I can not fly even up to Dune =(
  4. Here's what I managed to figure out: still solar panels work, but the charge is not from the sun of a system in which there is a ship, and from the center of the galaxy (where previously no fashion was the sun), often says "blocked by Kerbin" because on the way to the center of the galaxy is Kerbin. Question that you can think of to get everything working as it should.
  5. Hi, firstly thank you very much that took up the continuation of the work on this mod, these mods were new stars can be counted on the fingers. Thank you. And second, I would like to certainly solar panels worked, you may describe the reason why they don't work, maybe collectively we'll figure out some easy solution. As I understand this is due to the fact that the sun is now a black hole and other planets instead of stars, the solar panel needs to charge from a black hole, and then as I understand it charges or to be very close or not at all. If the first, then you can increase the power of a black hole (like the sun) to the panel has been charged at least from the black hole) So they work.